Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Reminiscing memories with my only living grandma,Tok Wan

My Tok Wan

Tok Wan aka Cikgu Jah and my is grandma

My house is not far away from my grandma's house
just few blocks away
so usually i will pay visit whenever i have got chance

She is the only living grandma that i have
my beloved arwah Tok Awa, Tok Alah
and the grandpas as well like Tok Ayah and Tok Bak
all of them were long gone,that can never be replaced
each one of them i carry with me different stories
and each time reminiscing back time with them
during my early childhood,as far that as i can remember
despite it has happened long time back
tears will drop from eyes

Last 2 weeks,my mom called me Tok Wan is having severe sickness
then i asked,what sickness she is bearing with?

My mum answered, it is normal old sickness
when i came pay her visit with my wife
the condition is very bad

if normally she can talks and recognize me except she only remember me still studying
but now, she isnt anymore
she could not remember me
and she has to use wheelchair that all my mum's siblings donated each and every one
I simply took chance by shaking her hands ask for forgiveness for my any wrongdoings from her,who knows i would not have chance anymore

She is the one whom has taken care me while my mum and dad were working
along with Aunty Nas, they together taught me how to draw and colouring
draw fishes, animal and from them i cultivated my passion in drawing in latter years

Then, when she wanted to do some shopping,she brought me along her
and took bus, bus kampung melayu,that time the bus mini they used
since tok wan's house is at the main road,so basically it is very easy to wait for the bus

She bought me mamee(i still remember the bbq flavor) and still remember
colouring books everytime i came with her,to fill up my past time when i was at her cares
still remember one of the colouring book was Ninja Turtle which during the time i will carry along whenever i could
Thank you Tok Wan for all single things during taking care of me while my mum and dad were not around
i learnt lot of traits from you grandma,Tok Wan or most people in their 30s above known her as Cikgu Jah
whom even my standard 6 sekolah agama teacher,Ustazah Hamidah really knows Tok Wan and our family
She even called me the cucu(grandchildren) of Cikgu Jah

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