Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Subsidies will be taken away?

Can Govt give an assurance to commoners?

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Education,Transportation and Healthcare are amongst responsibilities that government should provide to rakyat.

Whose responsibilities anyway?

Hence it would not proper to say it is all burdening government over these 3 mentioned which all are their main responsibilities, but not for fuel\diesel subsidies and sugar which yes it would burdensome to most rakyat but it is more damage if we could not stop the smuggling our fuel or hoarding sugars for some people's benefits understandably why there is very essential to remove subsidies for fuel and sugar,but in return could we expect it would be given back to rakyat for a very reliable transportations systems that connect all over the places?

How about an assurance to the poorers and commoners in urban areas would not be affected with rising fuel price and regulars raw foods like rice and sugar?If richer cannot have the subsidies why then the poorers need to be dragged to?

Government can take off fuel and diesel subsidies but please when there is an alternative for commoners who will effect alot. As such maybe can introduce biofuel or fuel from palm oil which also can generates revenue for oil palm industry but with one condition too, the privileged price in our domestic but you can fluctuated its price internationally if we would like to gain profits.

If government taken off its sugar and rice subsidies,which i called commodities subsidies, what action that needs to be taken to ensure that currently commoners and poorers usually bought 2 packets of sugar and one 10kg cheap rice graded for one month compared to richer who bought and consume more than what the earlier group i mentioned would not affected with this move?

Education would still be a barrier for all over nations if govt taken off the subsidies,since alot of people in rural areas have been affected with spiral costs of many things since years. The damage that will come is unimaginable, simply because we do not have proper mechanisme to help poorers in new bracket scheme as such in education. I still remember alot when i was childhood i did not get chance to borrow textbooks but there were lot of my friends too who share same socio-economy like mine enjoyed the privileged, which we must take a look why was this happening.

Transportations and spiralling toll rates will hinder our progress as a holistic

Transportations have known one of the things that impeding our nations progress to go to another level becoming developed nations.

Disintegrated bus systems and light rail transits(LRT),and even our very "reliable" commuter systems owned by KTM which some of the commuters need to be pulled by Diesel train,have costs alot of confidence from commuters to use it as their main option to go to workplace.

That is why it is very uncommon to hear any of us dont have any car,unlikely with our friends in Japan and Korea, who are commonly not having car at all. Simply because they are backed by very reliable subways systems and transportation systems like we say here.

Here as comparisons,our transportations image been marred by its "reliability" like when having storm or raining days the coaches would not having an air-conditioner or stuck at one stations which cause delays for another coaches, and as well of its punctuality during peak time hours. Inappropriate stations built wherein there is needed in some other places also need to be addressed with.

The toll rates also need to take care carefully since it would affected to rising chains of goods and foods as well. Once it been taken off its so called subsidies by government,the damage would not easy to undo it.

Hence, there is need from govertment hands in major highway concessionaires through Government Links Company(GLC)s who have their shares.

Rakyat have been burdened with again and again rising toll rates, government should aware of it,as i said earlier it would not just simply toll rates matters ,but will affected too to rising goods and foods price as well.

If government cannot interfere in highways then please do remove all confusing signboard that lead us to highways instead we can use "potholes" trunk road instead.

It means there is essentials from Government to upgrade the trunk roads so people cannot afford to use highway can instead use it to commute from home to workplace by using the saved subsidies that Government have.
Total upgrade means there would be no potholes, widened trunk roads, and proper drainage system that in monsoon season our cars would not be needed to convert to be a motorboat.

Another things, Why must we pay for rm1.60 for one way to use LDP(Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong) for example from Puchong to Damansara or Sunway if only we have to stuck in severely traffic jam and reached office at 10am when we went off from home as early between 6.00-6.30 am?

Mind-boggling Healthcare and services from Government offices

There is a need for more clinics rakyat especially in urban areas not just in rural, simply because with all spiral costs and even going everywhere in cities needs to pay toll,so usually most commoners fall in new poor bracket scheme.

Lets alone all privates hospitals because rich fellas are their target and commoners would not bother,but it would bothersome if the service of government clinics and clinic rakyat cannot be expanded in urban areas,with also good service expected from "smile" always nurses and doctors. It is either they think they are so good that makes them forgot how to smile, i really dont know. Maybe experts can conduct studies or maybe Dr.Fadzillah Kamsah can motivates them? Haha

Here i suggest there is needed a system applied in privates whereby a reliable performance systems or KPIs for all medical staff been monitored by senior staffs by using an IT systems.

Each quarterly every medical staffs(yes,including reluctant smiles doctors and nurses) would get a report from their timesheets and what they have done basically.Then from what they have done,they will go their ratings, if good then they deserved with promotions and 2 months bonus like they all having withour proper system who deserved for bonus. I believed when it is applied, a lot of doctors and nurses will practises what they are wearing their tags, "smiles alot".

The systems can also deployed in police offices,government offices and related agencies which in return it will improve the services overall to rakyat.
Then it would be fine for government staffs to deserve their bonus,rather than every years moaning for bonus through CUEPACS which they still undeserve in my point of view for some of them who works with so-so minded.


Again, i stressed out,it is important on how the implementation on subsidies taken off with providing alternative to burdened rakyat rather than simply taken off while not thinking first,what is main responsibilities of governtment to rakyat as such Education,Transportations as well as Healthcare and secondly, think carefully before going for any action what is the effect in main chains before removing any subsidies.
Here,am7riel.blogspot agreed for some subsidies taken off like fuel subsidies and commodities but there is need too for studies how can we help poorers and commoners if is implemented.
While for the toll rates, i believe it is still not appropriate to taken off currently since it will only give spiral costs to other things until we have a reliable and integrated transportations systems connected to all places as well good trunk roads for people to commute.

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