Friday, May 14, 2010

Thanks to Him

Raised my hands to Allah,our creator
I never lose my faith all these while
coz i know He is watching at me
and would like to see how His devotee shall reacts on every single things
yet,i never lose faith to Him
Thanks for blessing me with wonderful life that i am relishing now
who would ever wonder somebody who was not very brilliant
but decent brain like me could ever get the satisfaction life like this?
2 years ago, after went through all predicaments
watched all ranks and types of people who are selfish and greedy even for themselves
even from people who are outside looks very pious and taken care very heavily on their proximity
with their slenderous and jealous over other's success
over and over until i fell from pinnacle point at the young age of 22
I still remember vividly,i raised my confidence back by working with 2 multinational companies,very hard though it was initially
one was with a local multinational and not very long, i was given an offer
from top 3 business process outsourcing company in India as their network engineer
None knows,the pain i had endured but i can still recall the days when i ate only biscuits to give me energy during workdays,maggi me was the household name that i could not ever forget which was my regular meal.
Now,years had gone and i have moved on,working with a Japanese company with quite good pay that at first i thought i was dreaming,and later,
who knows,i might be working with a US company,maybe?
Maybe Google?AT&T or maybe Dell or HP?
Allah knows better what He has planned for me
But to me, i have to strive the best for me,and my family like i always do.
Despite with all well being bestowed by Him,
I would never forget the simplicity and being modest
Syukran, Jazakallah Hu Khairan!


Anonymous said...

may Allah always bless you...
segala yg berlaku ada hikmah disebaliknya...
juz dun give up


Am_7riel said...

i wonder who u really r
nevertheless,fyi i have not give up with all hindrances coming over
never ever coz it wasnt me