Sunday, June 20, 2010

Then it was 2014,currently aiming on 2018 to qualify for World Cup,future?

Will it be achievable?
Long time ago,i have posted an article "2014 World Cup anyone?" (you shall read it here) regarding FAM have set a target to reach World Cup in 2014 immediately when we were the bronze winner of Football Sea Games in Manila(Manila was the host of Sea Games prior to Sea Games in Laos).
But,later the then FAM Deputy President Tengku Abdullah changed the target to be more realistically sounded,to reach in 2018 World Cup.
My question is,what we have done so far to achieve our target,or when we failed recently,did we do enough post-mortem what has went wrong?
When again in the next World Cup qualifying when again we succumbed, is it enough for them,FAM to just simply change the goal to reach some more other years?

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