Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another wastage of taxpayers' money:New Istana Negara

New Istana Negara (National Palace)

Oh goodness,our government are really good in washing away all money into once initial development costs to be RM400mil is raking up like hotcakes to RM800mil!

I'd like to rephrase the speech from Deputy Works Minister,Datuk Yong Khoon Seng about our newly Istana Negara,"this amount was more than the RM400 million orginally announced as the latter did not cover the negotiated price and was not the overall cost." Whoooa.....nonsense,madness!Dont tell me that Government have had counted only a part of the cost for this whole project. Imagine that none of us,if we would like to build house,will only part of our house cost,dont we? Only dumbass would do that!!!

He added the new Istana Negara project had three components, namely the palace complex costing about RM650 million, the flyover (RM130 million) and upgrading works on Jalan Changkat Semantan (RM32.5 million). Flyover cost about 130mil???? What kind of flyover is this,i wonder it mus have 6 lane sized,relayed with tar for thousand times,not least having high and artistic touch of its arc from the ground. The cost is too ridiculous for flyover,that is why i made this noice!!!! Uhh,another dumbass!!!

Did we forgot that promises made by our Prime Minister to utilize an open negotiation system for any project that is considered "mega-wasted" taxpayers's money project? I remember that clearly,vividly.

This is all high raking money would not be like this if our Government chosed the right developer through right process,through fair negotiation but not like what they did,through direct awarded to non A,B contractor! I smell something fishy,why awarded the contract to non qualified contractor that usually this scale of project required contractor class A,instead it was not?Everyone knows it this would be chronies.Hello,this is not skyrocket science....

And please,dont twist our harsh comments about this issue saying that we(people like me as for example) showed disrespect to our one of 5 pillars of rukunegara,LOYALTY TO KING AND COUNTRY,oh so lame,isnt it?Did i?
Any words above i was saying something bad to our Agong,and might offended him?

The thing is,We are all okay with new Istana Negara that "seldomly being used and stayed" by our Agong,but with this splurging all ridiculous amount, who would not care?

Think again,we do not really need this Istana Negara to be honest....Using lame reason saying the current Istana Negara stands about decade and need to move to another new Royal House,made me thinking,Buckingham Palace(read info
here) has stand for over a decade,was built in 1850,but it does still serves to its purpose.
Thats mean next 50 or 100 years,we will be needing another Palace? Is it the same with needing another new central administation office to replace whole office in Putrajaya?

What can i do? Barking here like grumpy old men with never repented attitude by Government is the best i could do. Yet,today on 24th June 2010,another same case of falling roof Jalan Duta Court Complex and that was the 2nd cases since it was opened 3 years ago(read here if you think this is a lie,click here). Wonder how much money this time to fix the collapse roof ? Another millions...adoi,bestnye senang-senang dapat windfall money.

Why? Same answer!

This is what going to happen if you just talk sweetly to rakyat while giving project to your chronies!
The same thing was happened with falling roof of newly built Stadium Terengganu!
I wish someone was killed so that whole nation will having savage feelings like me now. Only then i think Government would not doing this sinful action anymore,perhaps!

Now i slowly to feel agreeing with PEMANDU anticipation ,that our nation will be in financial shamble,no thanks to our PEOPLE FIRST,PERFORMANCE NOW Government.

Very Big Claps to them....Wakluh!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Agong pon x bising pasal istana yg ada tuh,menteri plak bising2 nak buat yg baru...point ko btol bro,pasal buckingham tuh still berdiri tegak n lagi lama dari istana negara kita.ini mcam,selang 50 tahun,kita buat bangunan baru?itu macam ka?