Sunday, June 13, 2010

Can we write our own football future?

Courage,strong willed,determination,and stay focused are the characters that must have in our players hearts and minds

World Cup has just begun,and our league is halted to give away for the best tournament ever existed on planet.

This time around,i did not support any team,maybe i was too disappointed that our country,Malaysia yet to grasp their foot in world football scenes,struggling to make impact in Asian region.I only turn on tv to watch certain matches that i think it will be an enjoyable match.

When i watch this nike advertisement,i was thinking,Do our players have the determination to write their own future,and bring the glory to whole nation?

How long shall we need to wait for our players to bring Malaysia to the World Cup?

How long when will we be able to see our players playing their traits in foreign soils,like then our own players coveted by European clubs like the likes of late of Mokhtar Dahari,who shoned against Arsenal and scouted by Udinese while Lim Teong Kim who played for Frankfurt(currently he is a youth coach at Bayern Munich).

Then,few players went abroad but our own league itself has attracted many good import players that makes it interesting league to watch,not to forget the local talents like Azizul Abu Hanifah,Mubin Mokhtar,Khairul Azman Mohamad,Hashim Mustapha,Dollah Salleh and Zainal Abidin Hassan to name a few.Stadium were full seated,since the opening of league until the end of season.But now,what happens?

The flip-flop rules and regulations of league,unprofessional football states managing their clubs and the main body of our football association are the causes of why our own football have been in dire states.

The video does not limited to football scope,lets us take it as inspiration for all of us to do the best in our life.

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