Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Bukankah lebih bagus?World Cup fever...x patriotiknya

World Cup Fever
I think all of us from mars absolutely have awaited these moments which just almost knocking to our doorsteps.10 more days to go to World Cup officially first match kick-off, Malaysians all got hyped no thanks to rigorous media frenzy here.
What a difference supports gained on our domestic football scenes, not many will talk and share their thought and opinions,they even had argument on who going to lift the world cup this summer relatively. Even the mass media would just in blatantly ignorant of what is happenings in our local football scenes.
Sounds too pathetic,but that is what is happenings.
They even have guts to stay all nights to watch the live on TVs,and even taking up their annual leave just to follow this once in 4 years event.
If you are muslim,i can say what a waste of time,better you wake up middle of nights to perform solat tahajjud or solat hajat.
Our people,mostly,they even with disrespect admitly say it out loud,why must watch the boredom local football scenes?or typical statements,Why must we support our football team?
Ask yourself back,Did not you feel ashamed and guilty when you worn other nations jersey than your own national team jersey?
If you are in Korea and Japan, you will be deadman,sure people will bash you up. To them,no matter what and how your national football team perform,it is your duty to give morale support in regardless time. Whether it is in doldrum days or golden days of our national team.Does not support our local football it isnt impeccable,but it is if you curse our own national team when they fought like real tiger on the pitch.
To be honest,i am in no mood to follow world cup since my country,Malaysia was not qualified,and i am no mood to support nations who had conquered and humiliated our countries,like England,nor to Portugal despite yes i loved skillful play nations like Portugal,Spain or Brazil.
I hope when our national team meet up Real Madrid or Cardiff materialised like what have been told will be in August, i would not seen any Madridista wannabe yelling like mad cow wearing their whites jersey when their own national team being neglected.
Proud of your team,your colors and wear your national jerseys, wave your proudest flag. Remember,you are Malaysian,so it is your duty to support them.If you dont, then dont curse them or come to stadium to support for opposites.

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