Sunday, June 20, 2010

Committed to the Game:Inspiring our footballers

Most football fans in Malaysia would realized the advertisements brought and sponsored by Maxis using our living legends like Soh Chin Aun,Santokh Singh,James Wong and Hassan Sani.But,these are not an ordinary ads,these should served to inspire the national footballers to emulate those heroes' fighting spirits eveytime they are on the pitch.

If only our late Mokhtar Dahari was still living,he would too be appeared in these advertisements as well.

These ads,should more than enough to inspire our national footballers to do well and bring glory back of Malaysia football,despite we are not even qualified in currently held world cup,i hope our current crops player would remember vividly these ads to inpire them and not intimidate to the opponent,no matter how strong they are.
This year,2010 will see 2 big tasks to our national footballers to do well in Guangzhou Asian Games and AFF Suzuki Cup.
The national team are now in Turkey for 10 days for tour matches preparing them for these 2 big events mentioned.
I hope when they are coming back to Malaysia,somebody who closed to these players can show them these ads.

If i was not near the level of national players could inspired and feel the goosebumps whenever i waitched these ads,why dont they?

Soh Chin Aun's Committed to the Game
His alliance with another living legend,Santokh Signh were intimidated by then strikers.Sturdy and firm as rock.

James Wong aka King James' Committed to the Game
The scorcher who brought us qualified in Olympic

Hassan Sani's Committed to the Game
Co-scorer and who made an assist to let James Wong scored the 2nd goal
unselfishly passed the ball to unmarked James after he made solo run from our own halfyards and dribbled 3 Korean players

Santokh Singh's Committed to the Game

Committed to the Game children playing football in heavydownpour pitch witnessed by Soh Chin Aun using the original commentaries in the match Malaysia beat South Korea 2-1 to qualify to 1980 Moscow Olyimpic.
The moments started in 0:25 till the end reflected the same moments of the original match Malaysia vs Korea.

Some scenes during Malaysia vs South Korea match where we were the eventual winner through James Wong goal. The math that if it was ended in draw it would mean South Korea will qualified instead of Malaysia.In 1:26 was the moments of Malaysia's glory like was being imitated in advertisement above where group of children playing football in heavydonpour pitch witnessed by legend Soh Chin Aun.


To national footballers,raise your level gameplay,be proud when you were donning our national jersey and do not give needless respect to your opponents.
I believed in all of you,except when you were not giving full commitments.Be like our living legends,have their spirits and sheer determinations then we will be respected again.

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