Thursday, June 10, 2010

Finally we meet again,after 5 years

This is him,my buddy Arep or now known as Dr Areef Amedeen

Yesterday i met with my long time buddy since my university days,Dr Ariff Amedeen who just came back from UK after finished his study in new route Phd.

Feel proud of him since he was not just my buddy but we were also sharing the same room,besides with another 2 mates.

But yang feel funny is,lecturers who taught us then now have become his colleagues (semacam ackward pulak kan?)such as Dr Adzhar,whom i met too yesterday and Dr Norrozilla(did not had chance to meet her,i guess she already in snooze mode),used called her as Puan Norro,my excellency academic supervisor.

Now,they all in KL doing some trainings for few weeks.

Surprisingly,they both still remember me very well....but very unfortunate coz i forgot to snap one or two photos with Dr Adzhar,my lecturer who taught in programming.

Many thanks to all of you who made me into what i am today.I very much indebted.

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