Friday, June 18, 2010

From cartoon to movie:Voltron and Thundercats

When it will be happened?Will it be happened?

These two cartoon really was a hit during my childhood.
Ask anyone who was born in 80s,sure they would remember these two cartoons.

Who does not know them anyway?(cross my finger...)
I wonder,when these two will coming into cinema,as a movie,in hoping it would not as badass like Dragonball(what a waste,disappointing).
Will it coming to cinemas?


Voltron,a group of 5 lion robots each commanded by five young pilots which when it is combined it will form a Voltron protecting their planet from tyrant villains and darkness by,i forgot the name for god sake.


All 5 of them wearing suits of different colors too with red,yellow,blue,black and green,if you watched Power Rangers(ohh,no i did not watch it,really),it is the same.But perhaps,the latter imitates the Voltron.



Thundercats is the adventures of group of cat-like humanoid aliens from planet of Thundera lead young lord of Thundercats Lion-O,who bestowed with sword of Omen. The sword that is initially like a knife size then it will grow long and longer when Lion-O omen "Thunder,Thunder,Thundercats,hooooooooo!!!!!!" and simultaneously with longer size the insignia on the swords will flashes into the sky like how police called Batman.

I had this swords of omen toy and Lion-O figura,which my parent bought it as a gift when we were visiting Singapore long time ago,but was all vanished when my brother and sister came to the earth.Damn it!!!

The other characters in group are like Cheetara,Pantro,Tygra,the twins cat and snarf(ironically,every cartoons must have its own mascot and dumbass look so that kids wont bored,isnt it?).Dont forget the good must have its villain,and in Thundercats,it is Mumm-ra,the mummified sorcerer who wants to destroy the Thundercats to achieve his own dream conquering the planet they live.

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