Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Father's day in advance to my dad

Happy Father's day to my dad...and to all fathers in the world

My dad....

On 20th June,or on 3rd Sunday in month of June,we will embracing one of the important days that we shall remember,the Fathers day.But,lets not forget of our responsibilities to our dad or mum to only on this day,even thousand years,we could not even repay their showering loves and thoughts,endured very much pain,hardships to raise us on what we have turned today.

Thanks very much,dad....i could not finding any words better than this,from all things you have did in raising me.Even until now,i still learning from you.

Maybe tonight or tomorrow my dad will depart from KL to New Delhi,to spread the dakwah in India,Pakistan and Bangladesh for 4 months under the tabligh bearer,while at the same time exchange knowledges from another daie's there before going for his Hajj.
See it is very limited time for me to meet him,even after he came back from his duties,he will then flying to Mecca.

I only can wish him to have safe journeys and stay healty.To me,you are like an angel sent from heaven!
Happy father's day to you! and to all fathers in the world (excluding the inhuman and irresponsible fathers).
Insya-allah before going for my works,i will pay you visit at Sri Petaling Mosque before your departure.

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