Thursday, June 10, 2010

I fell in love,my heart blossomed with Porsche Cayman

Porsche Cayman, sooooo nicey

Haha,what a teaser,wasn't guys need to read till the last sentenced though next time,or you would fall in trap again.

Yes,as like all men do,me too fell in love easily to all sleek,elegant cars yet it does not neglecting its sporty character.Just name it any, Toyota Caldina or Supra,Nissan Skyline or Fairlady(yummy...) and comes to the max,who does not know about Ferrari,or Lambo,or Veyron Bugatti,all these i regard as my dream-car lists.

But not to forget about all ranges of car that Porsche have in their bay,Porsche Cayenne( my wife knows i fond so much this car besides of Nissan's previous model Murano) and recently Porsche Cayman S....ohhh,fell in love so much with them.

It was all because i saw this Cayman S yesterday when the car was in front of mine at the traffic light stop.

I managed to snaps few photos by using my iPhone to be shared here rather than taking all from internet.

Rainy days and spotted Cayman S in front of my caldinaIt started to left me behind,but i simply did to take some photos of this car

After realizing the gaps started to widen,i pushed my pedal to limits,mana boleh kalah ye bagi muka,caldina pun kene la save its reputation,kan

Then at night while i am on my way to meet my long time buddy Ariff at Shah's Village at PJ,i heard very nice sounds coming from behind my car,and when i turn my head left in glimpses, it was Nissan Fairlady.

Aii,when will i own this kind of car....Someday,perhaps.
Maybe it was too optimist,you will never know...kan?

Now,have you fell in love with Cayman S?
Chang Kam Man Kidarisayo or Chohto matte kudasai or Wait in english,save your answer until you look these firsts

Nice,doesnt it?

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