Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Japanese that i have met

Here i list down all names that i have met and remember including who are they from my sights,but whoever that missed out that does not mean that i deliberately not to remember their names.
To all of them,dozo yoroshiku.


Big boss,only met him once during interview.So really cannot tell much about him.He is i think in mid 40s and wearing specs.


One of the 3 interviewers that had interviewed me before got the offer letter from my current company.My big boss that lead all departments in my company.


Boss of 1 department that i am aliases with, use spectacle,quite young to be someone who held high ranks in the company,i think he is in mid 30. But,he has vast knowledge in networking and stylo too.


Stylo trainer,worn body hung t-shirt,modern fit blue khakis that on the bottom of left side,he will fold it a bit up and worn lacoste sneakers(damn,my favourite shoe).Came down from Japan,and was here just for 4 days,and what we asked what what he found out of Malaysia,he said girls here are so sexy.He even added that "now,i could not look on my monitor to teach all of you".
We all laugh.

Quite serious,i guess that is nature of all Japanese, but when we try to coax him with non related talks while we were in training break, he entertained it all.

Still remember that when we ask what car that he owns,he simply said i dont have any car,i just use public transportation.
Punyalah we all guessing,honda?toyota?mitsubishi lancer?mazda?

All dia just simply shake his head and answer,i dont have any car.
We all thought,he must gotta be kidding us,but seconds later,we all say simulateneously,"oh ya,forgot that Japan have very reliable public transportations.

We then asked whether he has girlfriend,since here you would not have any girlfriend if you did not have any good car,or riding on superbike.This time, he was the one surprised.
Speaking about works, he is the manager of Global Front in Tokyo,the same like me here,and from what i know from him,he is CCNA certified.


Kawaii,has actress looks(nose bleeding)....Her english quite good,i mean the pronounciation quite clear and hearable.
She is one of Global Front members in Tokyo.We all had trainings with her these 2 days via videoconferencing sessions.Had i not take another option that i mentioned in earlier part,i will meet her personally next week and again when we all go to Japan this 21st June.


I am not really clear in which team he is currently in,but what do i know he is handling Sony-Australia customer.He said that he is replacement for few months for his on-leave colleague.So once his colleague came back,he needs to go back to Japan.

Really funny coz when he first came in to our place,3 days in a row he introduced about himself simply becoz he thoughts that when he made introductory of himself on earlier day,some was not there.
Then we all said,you have introduced yourself yesterday already.He just smiles.


Boss of Customer Front department which i have had training. Quite strict,that what i know from all people works under him.
The tallest amongst Japanese i listed here.

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