Thursday, June 17, 2010

K-series that i fond over Part 4: K-series of The Birth of The Rich\Becoming a Billionaire is ended

Tuesday's night was the last episode of The Birth of The Rich\Becoming a Billionaire,finally truth revealed who is the Seokbong(hero's) father.

The end quite typical since i have told that the hero and the employer who is his lover (Lee-Shinmi) are in-love starting in episode 12th and 13th(if i was not mistaken),and it is indeed a happy ending for both despite in very last scenes in the episode Shinmi was sad in her thought that Seokbong does not wants her anymore due to working commitment deterring him to show same passion to her unlikely in their earlier lovelihood.

Who would not sad if your partner promised to come and instead watching theatre alone for 3 times,having lunches or dining alone for several times?
When Seokbong reached the Theater arena very late(until the theater is ended and theater-goers all went out), Shinmi expressed her disappointment to Seokbong simply left her with any clarification in the Theater arena. But,it was not how it looks,eventually Seokbong has planned it earlier,and did it on purpose to come late.Happy ending to them....

Finally,the cunning son and father,Chu Wunseok and his father are ruined,both are having their own punishment.Chu Wunseok is prisoned, while Chu Yeongdal,Wunseok's father is having mental paralysed and working in farm.

Taehui who is Wunseok's lover is now having great career as fashionista exhibitor,as what it showed in one scene,she has launched her own clothing label and her fashion show.
Taehui's father and Shinmi's father are now befriended again,and Seokbong is taking care his own father,Ha-Juntae.

The funny part,Taehui assistant does not married with her own lover who is Shinmi's butler,nor the destitute bum(eventually his life is better) who shares the same room with Seokbong but marrying other guy who is Seokbong's investor.

Now,i have to endure the emptiness during Monday and Tuesday nights since the 20 episodes mini-series that i loved to watch has ended.Sigh....
Time to download this movie and make it as one of my K-Series collections.

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