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K-Series that i fond over Part 5:The meanings of being Great King of Kings

K-series that i fond over Part 5: King Dae Jo-Young and The Great King Sejong

History tells us many things,telling us about what was happened prior to our time for us learning from it to be a better person,to not to do the same mistakes and learn the values of each stories.

King Dae Jo-Young, find details of this K-series at here

The Great King Sejong,click here to get the info

I love history,and love to watch epic movies or series like what KBS have produced like its K-series King Dae-Jo Young(now airing every saturday and sunday at KBS channel) and The Great King Sejong(i watched this series one year back when i was still unmarried).

Every nations have its own historic stories,as so much like great Kingdom of China, as well its neighbour like Korea and Japan. Korea,for an example here (since i am concerning on K-Series)they valued the histories very much and expand it through movies,not just for entertainment only as well as too to inculcate and create awareness of their roots to younger generations.

The historical monuments served the same purpose, apart of its value as tool of learning for younger generation to witness their greater roots achievement ,its served as well for tourists attractions. Look at how the nation of Korea treasured the values of its historic gate,located in the heart of bustling and hustling Seoul,called Naemdamun or Sungnyemun.

Naemdamun gate

They had great kings,truly leaders who fought bravely protecting his own soils from intruders with trusted and loyal companions. I mean, usually king will stay helm at the palace and just order his own knights or soldiers to fight for his own greeds, but these 2 kings,were different.

They were not just great King, truly leader and gallant warrior in using sword but too as great strategist.

Undeniably,noble Kings existed in other nations and are not limited to these two i have had mentioned,but it was indeed very hard for me to find few names of truly Great Kings in Malaysia's histories except the fools by British to sign the agreement for Malayan Union,luckily we had Onn Jaafar who aware that Malayan Union was a tool for British to control our pride land and were joined by others Malaysians then to protest it.

Em,maybe i missed somewhere, let me recall, Laksamana(admiral) Hang Tuah? or maybe Tun Perak?

They are not King, they were warriors, of great Kingdom of Malacca,Tun Perak for example he was a Bendahara similar position of Prime Minister in modern days government .Only we did have fools of sultan like Sultan Mahmud(Malacca Kingdom) who only had concerned of his greeds on woman others fiancee's,Tun Teja and myth of Princess Gunung Ledang.

While Sultan Mahmud Shah II (Johor Kingdom) known as Sultan Mahmud Mangkat Dijulang who too much trusted of his officer without investigate first before executing punishment. It was Laksamana (admiral) Megat Sri Rama who fought bravely to restore peace in shores of Johor that stormed by pirates. What did he get in return? He found out his pregnant wife murdered by Sultan just because of her craveness eaten a piece of jackfruit belongs to Sultan's orchard.

The same with Sultan Mansur Syah,who blindedly sentenced Laksamana Hang Tuah to death because he trusted the allegations made by officers who envious with Hang Tuah's position and instant glory.

It would be great if Ministry of Information Communication and Culture through its own Radio Television Malaysia could discover great King we had in our histories and bring it to live into movies or high budget dramas like what KBS did. It would be great,since i could not find any in my definition of great King i have mentioned in earlier part.

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Am_7riel said...

i really hope that my uncle,Uncle Mail aka Pak Alang will tell me at least one great king in Malay kingdoms that we could proud of,or in Malaysia history.He is like my historipedia to me...