Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Made up my mind...tapi,

Go to Japan or take another opportunity came up?
Sighing,till now i still dont really know which one i should choose either one from two.
Wanting to go to Japan badly since influenced by Japanese movies and series,its popular anime.Now,my company are planning to send me to go for 3 months to complete my training at Tokyo,Japan and when i come back to Malaysia,i will become the leader for global project.However,i will have to consider the consequences bonded by 2 years.
Or would it be better if i take for another option that i have now?Lucrative offers,plus there are coverage for my spouse and child for health remuneration.
My heart tends to choose for latter,though really wanting to go to Japan.My prays still is not answered by Him.Whether it will be good choice to me,i dont really know,i can only pray that Allah will lead me the way that brings good and prosper to me.
Oh,give me strengths to me to tell my intention to my boss before all the visa preparations are going on.Then,i will damned!


Anonymous said...

do lots and lots and lots of istikharah.... never give up..
may Allah bless u

Am_7riel said...

been there and done that,anonymous...even adding it with lots of doa