Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Malaysia bankcrupt,?Dont blame on subsidies,it would because of our Government's ravage expenses alone!

Another wastage due to improper plan filling into my earbud like listening to good songs,indeed i is not.

I am talking about the anticipation of one government agency,PEMANDU's comment recently about Malaysia will going to bankruptcy if they are holding extravagant subsidies nonetheless is half true,but the most important thing they overlooked the amounts of unnecessary Government's offices expenses.

Yesterday when i reached home from my office as usual i will reading online newspaper and interested about the Government are thinking to move their Parliament House to white elephant PICC(or we known it as Putrajaya Convention Centre).

As for facts,state of the art PICC was built with RM600mil costs was built meant for organizing place for international seminars unfortunately does not get the same amount of RM600mil for their revenues.Last year,their revenue was only RM2mil.How many years they need then to get at least the capital they have invested in building this world class,state-of-the art and high class PICC yet under-utilised?

What i was more confused, if i was not mistaken few months back Government with Naza have plannned to build some acres of space in Jalan Duta for another world class convention centres which i believe the work has began.Why another convention centre?I would not mind if it costs Government RM10,but it is in million they failed to coup revenues,yes to losing-revenues.

Back to parliament issue,as facts this Parliament House is established in early 1960s but recently have showed us the signs it is obsoleted like roof leakage and stumbled,and etc.It is no point by doing major renovation again and again since the recent was 5 years ago with costs more than RM90mil for internal refurbishment.PWD(Kerja Raya) estimated another RM150mil is needed for another repairment in the next few years.

So,goverment mulling on moving to new parliament house but PWD have not sanctioned it due to 800mil for another new parliament is too costly.That is why Government thinking of PICC as ideal place for our new Parliament house.

I agreed with their plan to move to PICC,but if it needs RM50mil for converting the building to and meant for temporary move,is not advisable and totally unacceptable.
The blame is on Government if the nation will bankrupt in 2019 like reported by PEMANDU,not because of subsidies,but due to improper planning who only thought for short-spanned period rather than longer periods and ravaging expenditures from their own usage.
(Hmm...dare to blame rakyat pulak by cutting subsidies,i meant subsidies that are supposed Government's responsilibilities like transportations,healthcare and education). Dahla most rakyat driving Kancils or Vivas,and some riding on Modenas motor,oppressed by Government again and again by failure of mitigating the high costs of goods and providing affordable those 3 i mentioned.

They need to move to PICC for permanent and make way for LRT line on it for linking some other areas that still not having it links to city centre while maintaining some iconic blocks for historical purposes.That is my mere suggestions since we can see the highways near the Parliament house always having high volumes during peak time.

You may read the news on Government mull on moving to PICC in theSun( TheStar(

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