Wednesday, June 02, 2010

My riel job...the truth

Believe it or not...sounds like Ripley's isnt it?But believe it,hehe

I did not expect all of people around me like my families and my friends capable to understand my tedious job as IT Engineer,which the scopes are like handling,monitoring and troubleshoot global networking of my employers' clients.Still not really clear?Dont worry,i would keep it in my heart since even my closest ally,my wife do not really know what i am doing at office daily.

It does not require me to travel to meet clients,or attend meetings with clients,no i dont have to.I just need to sit and look on monitor observing what happens,and when the work from Service Front escalated to my team,Global Front,then i would have to check which line is having trouble.Then updates the ticket sent to me,and the Service Front will do the rest. But as any job in handling Global issues,always come in shift. Hence,that is the issue for some people,who does not wants to work in shift.Some organization have 12 hours working shift that will have 2 shifts,some are 8 hours that will have 3 shifts.For my team,it is 3 shifts. Sounds tiring,but so far i am happy working with one of biggest telcos in the world and some more Japanese company that i regard highly.

Now,my timing is quite different,that is why my activities have to plan earlier.For some who would not understand,they will moaning why is so difficult to meet me, or will simply teasing me,oi YB,you are really busy.

My friends screensaver showed students are loitering at Akasaka temple during their religion festivals.Nakagawa-san told me about this,but i could not remember every words he said to me.

Feel dizzy looking at monitors in front of you?2 lcd monitor plus 4 big monitors(plasma tv) that you would need to take care. For everyone of us here,that is not a big deal.

Everyone here are equipped with 2 monitors

Service Front member in action,this team will need to call customer updating status,call local carrier to push for requests,and receive call from our counterparts in Tokyo Network Operation Centre.

Alot of monitors that you will need to look for by 24x7x365

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