Thursday, June 24, 2010

New commuter line to Batu Caves to ease city’s traffic congestion

KTM's Batu Caves line is completed


Finally,it is completed.
I had the experienced using KTM commuters to newly Sentul station(then still under construction) when i was working at YTL Data Communications just opposite the station and KL PAC.

From my observation that time when daily i had used the commuter to Sentul Station, the train is not pull near to the platform leaving with a gap,and it does not levelled with the floor of station.So,it is not really easy for wheelchair bounded people,older people and parent who pushing baby strollers.I hope the issue has rectified by KTM.

Other disabled friendly that i can see in placed is tact tiles,for the blind. But i did not see any ramps,hope it is there too. Most of all that shares the same weight like other aspects mentioned is to have an ample parking spaces for commuters and place for buses and taxis to drop and take passengers.

The 7.5km new route will cover three new stations — Taman Wahyu, Batu Kentonmen and Kampong Batu between Sentul station and Batu Caves.
I hope the stations will be fully utilised,and it was proper placed rather than simply putting station at place KTM would like to build,by not repeating the same mistakes they did for some stations they had built. Hopefully this time, it is not.
Rail check: Kong inspecting the double-tracking project in Batu Caves (Photos courtesy TheStar)

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