Wednesday, June 02, 2010

A place that i called "Home Sweet Home"

Actively scouting for a new precinct called home

Few weeks back,my wife an i went for home lookout at Bandar Kinrara area.After too long hiatus,and on-going arguments on which area we should pick for our home .

One thing that we had the same was that we shall look first for freehold status, but it is not easy though simply because almost newly build home will having leasehold status.

We both have agreed that we do not want to live at Rawang or Jelutong are,far plus cost alot for toll.The same with living at Cheras,duhh...massive traffic jam,Kajang and Bangi,houses there too overrated while the road connectivity could only be relied by highways to anywhere you would like to go,That's very pathetic to me,seriously.

So the best option is looking for home around Bukit Jalil area,with both of us would like to have home at Bandar Kinrara. Accessable by trunk roads, have good amenities, its tranquil environment suits to have child and raised them up here while the cheap rates of toll using KL-Putrajaya Highway to go to KL centre,by only RM1.50 per way.

Hmm...first thing first now,i need to tell my landlord of my intention to renew our rental contract for another one year.

So,here we are i shared my findings but i have to not to disclosed its housing area name for my own good sake. Strategy...hehe

Housing Area "A"

House 1 in housing area "A".It has wide pedestrian walk that multi-purposed usage,one that could be used you to park your car,secondly quite resourceful for joggers like me to not to bother cars anymore,a covered drainage plus with its zen design,ohh...really makes my heart melting to buy this house.

The playground is just around your sights. Small housing area but has 2 playground since the housing area has 3 varieties of home to be chosen.

Ok,now here we are looking at House 2 at Housing Area A. Same like House 1 is double storeys but only different on its design.If you notice,it does not have any bars covering the upper storeys windows.

This house is opposite of another type of home offered here,3 storeys house,but obviously it is beyond of my financial capabilities.

Housing Area "B"

Its design similar to houses that caught our attentions at Housing Area A. I think most architecture nowadays happens using this kind of design and combination of colors.

Wide passage for other cars to maneuvre especially when you have many cars at your bays and same like Housing Area A,it does have too the covered drainage.

From all 3 houses here to choose from, it is not a simple task for us. But,one thing that both housing area that lacking is,no surau nearby compared to my current house that we are living at,the surau is just at your own sights and doorsteps.
Buy or not to buy?A must buy lists...

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