Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pudu Jail's main entrance to be preserved,not to the entire building

Pudu Prison's main entrance to be preserved (theStar)

KUALA LUMPUR: The arched gate of Pudu Prison’s entrance will be made into a memorial under the area’s redevelopment.

“Pudu Prison is not something to be made a national heritage, the entrance is good enough,” Information, Communications and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim told reporters on Wednesday.

He added the prison was not a building that was under the ministry’s heritage building list.

Dr Rais said that for a historical building to pass “the heritage test”, it must possess significance in the arts and good taste.

It must also be something that had demonstrated the country’s contribution to the welfare of society, he said.

“A prison is hardly that,” he added.

My counter statement from Datuk's remarks,

1] May i know how does it really taste of Pudu Jail since you were saying "historical building to pass “the heritage test”, it must possess significance in the arts and good taste." Was it feel sweet? too salt? or perhaps tasted bitter?

2] How did you justify that 394m mural on Pudu Jail wall was not considered a heritage to us?

We always proud with the Tallest la, the Longest la, the Most Expensive ever la,the Weirdest la, and all the record that we would like to break but how did you justify the longest mural in the world does not possessed great art values? Off-course when we say mural it is an art,dumbass!! because it is a drawing on the wall. Some more it was one holds the World Guinness of Book Records. What more do you want?

At least,i relieved hearing that Government decided to retain the remnant landmark like Pudu Jail Gate like i repeatedly commented in previous article in my blog here(find my article bout related Pudu Jail issue,here and its part 2,here).

Just bit disappointed there was no efforts been done to at least relocated the torn down wall facing Jalan Pudu to Museum rather than now succumbed laying down on the ground.Sob sob....

I really hope another section of Pudu Jail wall facing Jalan Hang Tuah some part will be relocated to Museum,for younger generation to see it. Ohhh,come on!!!

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Anonymous said...

yang cakap x historic tuh memang tongok,alcatraz tuh historic bg US...dhla tuh,dia gak yg beria2 nak bangunkan wall ape ntah kat Malacca pas tjumpa remnant wall tuh,padahal tuh kira proud kat nation kita ke kalau bende tuh mengingatkan kita zaman colonial kita zaman Portugis,Belanda dulu?tolol pnye menteri