Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sex education is not the real answer for child mothers and teenage pregnancy

It is all up to question on how and ways we raised our children,should be family centric rather than monetary centric. Often parents nowadays did not come home for some time and only let the children stay with the maids, but maid is just a maid,they would not be able to control the children as much as parent does.

The damage of society happened due to parent let away the responsibility of instilling the good values in family.

Muslim parent for example sadly to most,they did notembrace Islam as part of their living by teaching the values of Islam and truly muslims are. If you are muslim parent, ask yourself did you teach them with quran and muqaddam recital? Have you ever been done congregated prayers with your family?Did you sit together with and ask them what has happened in school, giving advises from Islam's values on any issues they are having with?
If those basics things you have neglected since they were young, it would be too late them to start back with basis. After all,usually it always end with rebel from them.

Parents from other religions can do the same, from their own religious aspects.

Sadly,for almost all of muslim families,we have neglected Islam as ways of their life.To some, they just carried Islam only during filling up forms,saying i am Islam. It was us,who failed them,our children.

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