Friday, June 25, 2010

Transportation Part 1: KL LRT extension works to start in Nov

Finally,after so much talk of LRT extensions since the day i was still doing my internships at Malaysia Airlines System (MAS)....and the day where Sammy Vellu was still sitting at his helm as Works Minister ,now the works will begin in November. Em,how long it was then?

Oh gosh, it was 5 years back, why it took song long to execute it not like our neighbour Singapore or country like Japan did,today plan,tomorrow they reveal to public,and sort out the issues have been done before they reveal to public,the next they start the development works. See how vast different with ours!

As soon is better, but hopefully Government can allay the issue like placing the station at most needed places, ample parking spaces, affordable and integrated ticket that would apply to all meant of public transportations like ERL,Komuter,LRT and monorail with BUS system. Not to mention, the system will be in the same states, if our BUS system is not disintegrated fully with our rail lines.

My concern too on some disputed proposed line like why there was no link at Sunway Pyramid or in Shah Alam and the quelm of one housing area folks(i think people living at Taman OUG,if i was not mistaken) that was too concerned on the development works too near with their homes. I hope Prasarana could work out these issues,as public highly hoped that these lines could cater to all places they went frequent only traffic issues made them frustrated. If they did, that is the meaning People First,Performance Now by not simply putting stations at their own like but to look on what and where people really needed most.

KL LRT extension works to start in Nov (or you may read it in TheStar here)

KUALA LUMPUR: The first phase of the main construction works for the estimated RM7bil light rail transit (LRT) extension is expected to start in November and completed in three years.

Syarikat Prasarana Negara Bhd group managing director Datuk Idrose Mohamed said the first phase or package A of both Kelana Jaya and Ampang lines would see 9.2km and 7.39km of construction length respectively.

The total extension length of the Kelana Jaya line is 17km and Ampang line 17.7km. Both extensions will see an additional 13 stations each.

The main construction or facilities work involves infrastructure components such as the guideway, piers and stations as well as the casting and delivery of segmental box girdex for both lines.

A total of 17 pre-qualified main contractors and 15 pre-qualified nominated sub-contractors have also been shortlisted for fabrication and delivery of segmental box girders.

The lists of the pre-qualified contractors are posted on the Syarikat Prasarana website.

Syarikat Prasarana is a state-owned public transport operator that controls about half of the segment in the Klang Valley.

“We held a pre-bid briefing with the pre-qualified contractors for package A on June 22 and they are supposed to submit their tenders in August.

“We will then need two to three months to evaluate them and hopefully start the main ground works in November,” he told reporters after its briefing on the LRT extension updates.

However, Syarikat Prasarana is not ready to reveal the estimated cost of the package A extension until all pre-qualified contractors have submitted their tenders.

In the meantime, Idrose said they would carry on the advance works involving the relocation of telecommunication cables, the Tenaga Nasional Bhd low voltage underground cables and high voltage transmission cables, water mains, sewerage pipes and gas pipeline works.

“We should start the advanced works next month and, by November, we should complete 50%. We have already awarded the contracts for the advanced works with a total value of approximately RM90.6mil,” he said.

All these developments are possible due to the sectional approval of the final railway scheme by the Department of Railways for the LRT extensions.


Anonymous said...

it would be great if Sunway Pyramid could be linked with LRT...why not,since the nearest station is proposed at Subang Jaya

Am_7riel said...

i felt the same,anon...well,i am waiting cautiously over RM70bil costs MRT announced by our PM sounds good with similar systems like what Singapore and japan or in USA,using underground to move around.But,the amount really made me worried,will government be able to absorb any hiccups to this mega-project though understood its multiply effect on our country