Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We dont need formal sex education to curb ill sex society

What we do need is implement syariah law instead following conventional law

The only way to curb promiscuous sex,adultery and rape is by conducting laws according to Syariah Laws. It may sounds too radical, however, there is no need to press panic button for those non-muslim especially,since its purpose was to punish the doers.

As a muslim, a lot of informations needed to enlighten the doubts and inferiority of Syariah Laws to non-muslim on how the procedure it is implemented as we dont want the furore of people with no arm,no leg or whatever wrong illusions created to intimidate people from embracing it .

Same as conventional laws,it should follow court trial first but the difference is the prosecutor must provides 4 male witnesses.

The punishment in Syariah Laws for adultery,rape,or promiscuous sex,if the wrongdoer is married and found guilty,he\she should be stoned to death conducted publicly.While for non-married, they have to be caned for 100 times at a separate times,(not at one time caning like Conventional Laws) with rules to abide on how the caning should be done.

No doubt,anyone who unfamilliar will say the punishment(especially the stoned to death) is too primitive,uncivilized and barbaric(whatever you may name it),but let me clear the doubts,first.
The syariah is derived from Quran,which it means it comes from our God,Allah to "prevent" any harmful to all of His ummah from any wrongdoers to ensure we all can live peacefully.While Conventional Laws was created by human,it always means that it has leeway for human to abuse it.
Why i was saying the syariah is meant to prevent?
The sinful acts like adultery,incest,promiscuous sex or even rape,will lead only bad caused especially to the victim and women.
Adultery for example,usually only attract negative impact to the nation with women will be trafficking from other poverty nation.
Or make worst, women are abducted to turn them into being prostitute.
Do we want any women surrounds us that we know,and related to us experienced the same? No,we dont want it...Do we?

The same with incest, or rape, the syariah meant to protect the victim(women) from humiliation done by the perpetrator, who does not know any line anymore between good and evil. Most of cases the victim will be found carrying the perpetrator's baby,which will lead to another social problem like baby abortion. Worst,victim commits suicide due the embarassment they are bearing to the public,regardless she is pregnant or not.

The issue does not stop there, imagine the predicament that the baby will be blamed for other's sins,might be hated by victim's family since the baby was unwanted and carrying the genes of rapist. When she become older and enrolled to the school,she will be teased by her schoolmates.If these consequences given still not suffices to make us all awaken, put your mum,or your sister,or your girlfriend or spouse,into the victim's shoe, how would you be able to go through their pains together with them?

I believe it would not come easy to make them confidence there is life for them.

In this case,syariah law,is better,far away than conventional and too with sex education. Does by introducing sex education at school will solve our ill-society issue?No...isnt,it?

Does introducing baby hatches in Malaysia will do help in reducing numbers of abandoned baby?Yes,it would,but it does means too government have to fork out some money on another welfares like currently welfare of immigrants, the drug addicts, and now,the abandoned babies hatchet.Wow,we have so much money,dont we?

All these,secular action would not be able to solve the pain and shame carried by the victim,instead it will only allow the perpetrator and other potentials to do the same and make the numbers increasing.

But by implementing syariah into our law, people will be prevented to do any harmful caused to women,especially when the wrongdoers being carried away with satan's whispers. The wrongdoers will immediately deterred to do when thinking with severe punishment that they will get rather than thinking,oh,never mind,after 10 years and with 8 times caning i will be released...then i will be freed which i would say the law is only encourage them to do it rather than stop.

But how about the victim's and her family feelings ?Yes,it would be the same,but at least,we can save another thousands tears,and life as well(when victim does not commit suicide).

This is where the syariah laws having its edge,it was brought to prevent the harmful to the victim and communities. It only do the harmful to the wrongdoers,and preventing others not to repeat the same mistake.So,why must all of us,the public,fear with syariah laws? If you do not do it, then you would not be punished.It is only meant to punish the guilty and once it is convicted guilty.

Someone needs to enlighten the meaning of syariah laws to non-muslim,and as well the muslim,since many of muslim does not really know and studied the knowledge of "jenayat"(punishment) in Islam. To the secular believers,they are afraid of this syariah laws but trying to intimidate peope who does not understand the truth about it, but try to admit it,it is now the time for all of us,embracing the syariah to stop these all ill-society issue.

Insya-allah(god will),i will try to elaborate more in next post about syariah law on adultery punishment till the punishment of murdering,and stealing .

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Pendidikan seks formal di sekolah diperlukan,quoted from Berita Harian

KUALA LUMPUR: Tiada cara lain untuk membendung masalah salah laku seksual dan gejala seks bebas melainkan kerajaan mewujudkan modul khas berkaitan pendidikan seks di sekolah yang boleh digunakan mengikut kesesuaian peringkat umur pelajar.

Pakar motivasi, Dr Robiah K Hamzah, berkata hanya melalui pendidikan seks formal di sekolah dapat membantu pelajar memahami isu itu memandangkan ada di kalangan ibu bapa segan untuk membincangkan isu seks secara terbuka dengan anak masing-masing.

Beliau berkata, modul khas perlu digubal dengan memastikan ia mempunyai tiga elemen penting iaitu pendidikan, kesihatan dan sosial (agama) bagi memastikan remaja ditanam dengan pengetahuan dan kemahiran untuk mengendalikan kehidupan sosial mereka secara positif sejak peringkat awal lagi.

“Pendidikan agama di sekolah sangat berorientasikan teori. Hal ini menyebabkan remaja tidak mampu menjadikannya sebagai sebahagian daripada ilmu untuk membangunkan hidup dari segi jiwa dan emosi.

“Sebenarnya, ilmu agama yang diperoleh jika hanya singgah sebagai fakta tidak mampu mengekang manusia daripada melakukan perkara bertentangan nilai moral. Oleh itu, sangat wajar pendidikan sosial diterapkan di sekolah terutama membabitkan seks, alkohol dan dadah,” katanya ketika dihubungi, semalam.

Semalam akhbar melaporkan kekurangan penerapan latihan latihan akhlak yang baik menyebabkan gejala salah laku seks berlaku di kalangan remaja, rentetan daripada 300 remaja Melayu di bandar dan luar bandar terdedah seks bebas sehingga ada yang menggugurkan janin melalui kajian enam bulan oleh Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) bertajuk ‘Keterlibatan Remaja Dalam Salah Laku Seksual’.

Sementara itu, Naib Presiden Pertubuhan Jamaah Islah Malaysia (JIM) yang juga pakar perunding Obstetrik & Ginekologi Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (HUKM), Prof Madya Dr Harlina Halizah Siraj, berkata setiap ibu bapa perlu memainkan peranan mengajar dan berbincang dengan anak-anak mengenai pendidikan seks bagi memberi pemahaman mengenai sebab dan akibat perbuatan itu.

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