Friday, July 02, 2010

Emphasizing on why there is need of wake-up call for Syariah Laws being deployed to curb rampaging crimes

Teen runs half-naked for 1km to escape gang rape

Surprised,looks like we are living in tyrant communities in Bronx,USA famous for its rampant crimes. Our communities as well as to that,go down to its lowest pitfalls for attitudes,behaviours and thinking. Who would be feeling safe if everyday i hearing the same and over again about theft, murder,sex crimes and many more that makes you very uncomfortable living in such communities like this? No one would...

I appeal it is time for us to accept Shariah law as a major national law, not yet a law that only complement conventional law. As i ever uttered this,we need to remember that conventional law irrelevant in resolving the problems that occur in our communities anymore, it is quite clear when it requires a method of recovery and to minimize the problems occurring,such as rehab centres for drug addicts,baby hatches centre that would not solving an bringing any near level to eradicate issues we are having.

Who would still dares to do it like you are caught we stealing other belongings, found guilty and the owner does not forgive you, you will be losing one arm? Would you dare to?

No isnt it? But it has proven solving the robbery issue in Arab Saudi, but did we seen alot of people there not having their arms?
No isnt it? It is because the Syariah law is a preventive law,to protect the victim,or potent while but to punish the respective people who did it. It is Believe it,when azzan(the prayers call) was called in, the shopowners would just leaving their shops open but with a sign,went to prayer but did not ever close and lock its door still nothing happened in interim.

Who would dare to rape women or kill an innocent people when thinking the heavy consequences they would receive if syariah laws is being used instead of will acquitted after 10 years prisons in conventional law and they would free to do same crimes again?
None would....i stress again,none would.
If we could curb these crimes, would you think we would be needing baby hatch to save abandoned babies,or hearing committal suicides by victims that might be your siblings,or closest to you who had to bear the embarassment for her whole life or even had to plough the money to the drug addicts rehab centre(would not b great the money channeled to more important thing though?)

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AN 18-year-old girl ran half-naked for 1km to escape 10 men who tried to rape her,

AN 18-year-old girl ran half-naked for 1km to escape 10 men who tried to rape her in an oil palm estate in Gerik, Perak, reported Harian Metro

The girl and her boyfriend had earlier gone on a date and had entered the estate to have sex.

While they were resting after their tryst, 10 men approached the couple and tried to rape the girl, said a source.

The source said the victim managed to put on her pants and grab her handphone before fleeing. After running for about 1km, she called the police.

The police showed up and rescued her from the men. She later lodged a police report before being taken to Hospital Gerik.

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