Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The makcik who gives me strange look at grocery

This morning after i sent my wife to office,straight i drove my Caldina to grocery to buy something to fill up some empty space in the fridge. Not really empty like what you have in your mind,just simply said. Since today i am off from my work, i thought maybe i can use this time apart of resting i can help my wife buy some stuffs at grocery and cook for her.

At the grocery,after came out from the car(off course after i closed the door and locked the car), I started looking for things that I think I will like to cook. I began searching for stuffs like ikan selar, squid,daun kunyit,shrimp paste,parsly,cockles,chillies,pak choy veggie and chicken,one by one but add one after another without referring to any notes unlikely with some men,they tend to bring it when they came to grocery buying raw foods and seems lost of what and where it is. I mean,it is quite different neck by neck,a guy who frequent do his shop buying raw foods helping his wife with a guy who seldomly done that or worst still never had any but only know and always do lepaking at mamak stalls <---ni teasing remarks to common guys,do your wife bit favour to do her shop barang dapur or least,ask them what are the things yang kurang kat dapur tu rather than buat hal sendiri sahaja.

While looking for parsly and pak choy veggie, i realized that this one makcik in a glance giving me strange look. At first felt uneasy,yelah aku bukan Fahrin Ahmad,eh..terperasan pulak walaupun Fahrin Ahmad to resemble like me(haha).Then i look at myself from top to toe,hmmm tough jugak,memang Fahrin Ahmad pon tough like me (this time i wasn't boastful,serious ni),then look at all clothes all are still intact,pheww...who knows that suddenly i have wardrobe malfunctioned ke ape,kan.Then i dont really care la,maybe she was looking at sayur kut(looking for veggies need to make frowning face ke?hmmmm.....)
Then,after satisfied with all stuffs that i have, i started to pay and nodded to the cashier so he can started to count.While waiting one by one being counted,then this makcik greets me. Follow the episode of a conversation with an unknown aunt and me below here.

makcik aka aunty: Nak(short call for anak),banyak lauk beli,masak ke?
me: ha'ah,masak....
makcik aka aunty:oh,pandai masakla nih?
me:bolehla,sikit-sikit.orang rumah mengandung,dia balik kerja nanti penat,jadi saya pun sementara tak kerja ni,masakla untuk dia.
cashier(interframe): ni belajar masakla nih...
me and makcik: Both of us keep quiet and giving the frowning eyes to the cashier...makes him silent back.
makcik aka aunty: orang rumah tak kerja?
me:kerja tapi hari ni saya tak kerja...
makcik aka aunty:bagusla nak,tolong menolong,masak,kemas rumah.anak makcik kat JB pun selalu masak,tapi masa hujung minggu jer la,sebab cuti kan.
me: senyum sambil dalam hati pikir(ape kene mengena anak dia pulak ngan aku..adeh,nih kala layan mau kene stay kat grocery sampai malam,aku penat nak tidur ni...hehe)
then,i closed the conversations with the makcik telling her that i need to go....

By the time i blog bout this,two dishes were ready. Menu for today,chicken curry and cockles rebus with sambal belacan.Chicken curry for my wife and our baby in her belly and cockles for me with sambal belacan.Hmm...scrumptious!!!

Now,i can sleep soundedly.

P/s: It is not uncommon sights anymore for a guy to cook for his wife or family,i mean a normal guy not a tuuut (ah,you know what i meant)...unlike in the days of grandfather and father in which they rarely help the mother in the kitchen.

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