Monday, July 05, 2010

"She is like a bean", The my 9 weeks fetal\baby story

Can you see?Hmm...i dont really see it.
Now my baby to be is almost 3 months old, but i clearly remember when the day i sent my wife for her 1st pregnancy test at Sime Darby Health Centre(i think so,but it was known as Subang Jaya Medical Centre), accompanied with my mum and my youngest sister,ana,they coincidentally came to our house that weekend. It was happened 2-3 weeks back.

A day when i just finished my night shift at 7am (only Allah knows how sleepy i was that day),back to back from works and had to sent my wife for pregnancy check. Luckily my mum was there to drive for our journey back home. My mistake too due to i had not foreseen the appointment was actually happened just after my night shift (kau gila,12 hours night deadman walk jer mase tuh).

When we had breakfast,i took nap,when we waiting for our turn also i took nap,every minutes i was at SJMC(i call SJMC easier,since people know SJMC better kan,but do not misled it stands for a school plak...hahah) i took nap. I could not described the fatigue i had that day(mana taknya,working for 12 hours long...pheww).Oh,what a long day....

Quite long hours we had waited for our turn,i think 2-3 hours because before i slept,i saw one movie just started on TV and (that time my eyes close and open interchangeably before it closed entirely...hehe) when i woke up by mum and my wife due to it was our turn came up,the movie had finished. Hopefully there was no sound like mad cow making noise when it was slaughtered(when you sleep,you would not know,especially when you were really tired and have not had any sleep),but i guess i did not,coz i had not received any peculiar stared from public.Phew...hehe.

Then,the most i tensed up,we had waited for 2-3 hours long,the consultation was just around the time you had your pee(haha). Pum pum pam, okay this is your bill sir. Alamak,boleh masuk buku 555 tak?Hahah,joking...i mean,for just instant consultation period,kena sekali few hundreds melayang.

It was expected though because i had my knee operation and treatment here,so i knew it.Plus,hey,it is SJMC ok....Besides,i had earlier planned and discussed with my wife, i would like to send her for medical checkup and deliver the baby at SJMC,so she agreed and we had reserved some money earlier for the medical checkup purpose.That is why no gruelling over the price,as long the standard and quality is there.

Ok,this is the climax,when we walked into the consultation room,my wife was asked to tuuuut (censored here,but please do not imagining beyond that),then the doctor came in. Yes,it is she,and muslim,luckily enough kan?But it was not seems too,like my wife and i rigorously look for woman Doctor for this kind of thing,and luckily SJMC have woman Doctor who specialised in this field,some more she is Muslim.

The doctor started using this device,i do not really know what is name,just call it scanner la, with this scanner,Doctor put it onto my wife belly and with just short moments,i saw some glances like fetal\baby,and i tell you that time i felt so moved,too happy and amazed. It was unbelieaveable feelings.

The doctor said,okay one baby(ala,bukan twin ke....coz i was expecting a twin baby,hehe),she showed to us,this is her hands(her since it is one baby and not because its gender,ok since we have not known yet) and this is her heartbeat,the fetal length and size is normal,so everything is looks fine,she looks healty,doc said. I looked onto screen and nodded,whereas actually i could not seen where and what was the doctor saying,i am not a doctor,as what i saw,i see her only like a bean? Yes,a bean...
The session continued to another door whereby doctor explained to us what and which is not good diet for my wife and the baby. It has not taken long though,just in a glance.

Then when we went out from the SJMC and looking at my baby scan photos,my wife asked, what actually you seen in this photo,where and what is the parts of my baby body like showed by doctor(since my wife did not had clear visibility to the screen when doctor scanned her while she was laying down),i simply said, i had no idea,it is just like a bean to me....
Everyone laughing,while we were going back to our home.
ohhh...finally,i can sleep that day.Phew....

Hard to believe that i am going through transition periods i have been,from bachelor day to become a husband and now soon to be a father.

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