Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Part 2: Can we write our own football future?

Now the worldcup is on the brink of its finale,and many nations had gone back home. It would not be the actions for the likes of Cannavaro,Rooney,Franc Ribery and Cristiano Ronaldo aka CR9 whom they are involved in Nike's Write the Future advertisement.

Perhaps this is a cursed of the ads to all of this big names.

Ronaldinho or we known him as Ronnie was not even in the 23 players of Brazil team.Same goes to Walcott,who had his cameo in this scene whereby he was asking for Rooney to pass the ball to him.

Likes what it had in the advertisement added with my own flavour,
Now,Cannavaro can be the chef at Italiano restaurant.
Rooney can be the line painter and living in caravan with having bloated belly and beards.
Ribery can be the pizza delivery man.
Cristiano Ronaldo open the nursery and do the babysitting since now he becomes a father.

Haha,i like!!!

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