Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Salmon...oh salmon is not my scandal's name,nor my bff's name.ahaks.
it is the fish that we all know.hehe...

In the earlier post,i have told about my wife pregnancy and our life have changed 360 degrees since then.Every single thing decisions i made like making a purchased it will always about our unborn baby too...Today,it is about the purchase i made over salmon that i would like to share it here.
Salmon,good for the baby and the mom too....It is one of foods wonder,healthy and yummy,off-course.

Yesterday,i bought the salmon,cereal and some other fruits,not for me but for those 2 special livings in my life,my wife and the soon going to be popped up baby,hehe. My wife when i just about to handover the salmon to people who clean up the fish and measure its weigh tu she had warned me about its price,but calmly i said,i know it is expensive foods,but i did not take as many i can,so you dont have to worry.
As i expected,a piece of salmon would not cost much to me,it was just about Rm8...please dont compare it with cencaru ke selar ke,ok.We are trying to compare BMW with Kancil in this case.
Then she asks me again,what do you want to cook with this salmon?
My mind keep thinking and spontaneously answer her,i will cook for you the simple sauteed salmon or if i could,i would cook you like what we always have at IKEA.
Em,yes it wont be tasted like what Gordon Ramsay,Jamie Oliver or Chef Wan cooked,but at least it is tasty and eatable,it is more than enough.
Bukan senang nak suruh your hubby masak voluntarily,betol tak?

You know what,in the case if you didnt know,at the this stage it is very good to feed healthy foods to mom and the baby. Besides,it is good if you could start to communicate to the unborn baby,like bringing your face near to you wife belly while caressing it. This is the time if you want to teach quran,languages that you want them to learn to be an exact,so what you can do is buy headspeaker and play it on your wife belly.I guess this part everyone knows,doesnt it?

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