Wednesday, August 25, 2010

9 days stucked in traffic jam,Errr...10 days,not 9

Imagine if you were stranded in traffic jam,not for 1 or 2 hours but for 10 days??????
Uewww.....unimaginable,but it is for real and it is happened in China,in one of its highway,
if i was not mistaken Beijing-Tibet highway.(after all you can google it,ok coz i am not CNN or Al-Jazeera not even BBC news,hehe).
The vehicles are not moving at all,barely moved. I think by foot is much more faster than driving in this isolated circumstances.
10 days man...let say you were stranded in the jam,and your employer called you,where were you?
Then you answered,boss i am stucked in traffic jam.
Several hours later,they call you again,Oh,do not tell me you still on the road?
Then the next day,they call up,Traffic jam again?
until the next 10 days,Oh gosh,can you tell me at which road you are now?
But one person benefits from this is villagers who living along the highway by selling the stranded commuters food and beverages at extravagant prices.

Read the news,here

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