Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Meaning of Ramadhan

Hmm...it has been a while since the last time i came here to post a blog due to work and family commitments. My mum fell sick on the weekend that i have planned for just a normal visit,turn out to be days to take care my mum. Pity on her conditions,since abah was not around to take care everything while she is having rest,i had decided to take el along with my wife which coindentally on recent weekend it was our very 1st anniversary.

My plan earlier was to have 1 day each at my hometown and my wife's but since my mum is sick and as the eldest this is the time you need to be accountable for everything,i tell my wife that i could not be at 2 place at one time when my mum needing me,though she didnt say that "along,accompany me while i am sick"....some more,she does not fell sick for normal reason which that is the thing that makes me worried indeed. I hope my wife understand why she had to drive alone to her hometown from Kluang. I wish i could cut me into two and would be anywhere where would no one be offended with my demeanour.

Ok,so what did i mumbling about,that was not so related to topic i chosed above,ok...
Back to the point above,yes,what is the Meaning of Ramadhan to all of us?
To me,we all have lost the real definition of ramadhan,by thinking this is time to prepare for raya day. Looking back to people around me who were all very excited with all raya cookies,and even thinking about doing some shopping and shopping again till they drop by forgetting the real meanings of Ramadhan.

I am sorry?what is the meaning of Ramadhan again?
Ask to yourself,as i am and done that in every year,how could we grab the chances to meet the lailatulqadr,the night of thousand nights which you will bestowed by pahala of thousand nights you prayed to Allah.
Some people blasts blindedly,this is not the only month we concentrated for doing our prayers and deeds only clearly shows how low their Islamic knowledge since as Muslim you are abided to do what have been told to you by Him and His prophet,our Muhammad pbuh but while on this Ramadhan it is just like a bargain of deeds that you are doing offered by Allah S.W.T.
Who knows this Ramadhan could be your last?

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