Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The meanings of Ramadhan

Ramadhan is one of holy months in Muslim calendar that we all embraced by fasting in early dawn until the dusk by abstaining themselves from things like putting something into hollow space in any part of your body for example digging your nose or doing intimacy relationships or even smoking while fasting(it is fine though to do those after break of fast),leave alone eating or drinking since the meaning of fast in month of ramadhan is abstain yourself from drinking or eating and not to do things that you are refrained to do (will elaborate more later) from fajar siddiq(dawn) until maghrib(dusk).

During fasting days Muslims are all refrained from do or talk unncessarily especially gossiping or make a slanderous statement, or imagining or watching or seeing in indeliberately(or in purpose) obscenity\lewd things, stealing,lying or anything that we are suppose to refrain in other months too.Not to mention with splurge money buying all foods available at bazar ramadhan while at the same time still doing what are obligated for Muslims like perform 5 times in a day prayers and protecting your aurat and syahwat.

As being told by Imam Al-Ghazali in his book,Ihya Al Ulumuddin on 3 levels of fast.

1. The general of fast
2. Specific of fast
3. The highest level of fast.

The first level: It is action of abstain stomach and genitals of fulfilling orgasm. This is the lowest level of fasting. Such fast just hinder from eating and drinking and things that could invalidate the fast.

The second level: is refrain of hearing, sight, tongue, hands, feet and whole body from doing sins. Fast at this stage will try to maintain good akhlak(character or attitude in parallel of Muslim's like been told in Quran and Sunnah) and do things, optional ibdahah(deeds) to increase the quality of the fast.

Third level: at this level,the fast doers need to refrain their heart of any evil or bad intentions and the desire to think something other than God in total. Fasting will become invalid at this point because of thinking about things other than Allah and the day after(Qiamah\Judgement Day).

So it will void too by only think of worldly matters except it was to save the business world to the religious matters because it will provides the supply of the Hereafter and not the former.

At this stage of this third level of the fasting of the most special. They not only take care of all the things that invalidate the fast but also things that can cancel the reward of fasting. Body is also fast and the heart only think and praised to Allah, Allah!! In which characters that shall need in order to achieve this level is to take abstain your tongue and mouth from slanderous,lying,gossiping. The fast doers need to keep the tongue from talking things useless.

This level of fast as is the level of the prophets, al-Siddiqin and al-Muqarrabin.

I am not Allah to judge whether our puasa\fasting is accepted or not, but from these definitions,it is clear to indicate of how and where is the level of ibadah puasa. All of us surely do not want our fasting deeds could not accepted where at the end of the day we only realized we could only get the starveness and thirstness,didnt we?

These are the definition of Puasa or fasting deriving from Syarak' that are obligated to all Muslim. Please dont define Malays as Muslim anymore coz the situation does not the same anymore like we had been....alot of people does not being the real muslim (let alone muslim who have converted to other religions or being an aposthesy where even before the day after they will get punished by the earth soils that would not accepted them when their body is going to be buried under),like they did not do the prayers anymore,oh forgot,yes for some they really prayed,only 4 times in a month,or maybe twice in a year(solat raya puasa and aidiladha) but i hope they were prayed once before they were going to their own graveyard!

I feel sad when people only thronged to the mosque or surau only during ramadhan's night to perform tarawikh(special prayers in ramadhan night) which these prayers are optional not even fardhu or must do like 5 times in a day prayer. Sometimes,i wonder,did they know which one is priority to do most? Our beloved prophet,Nabi Muhammad s.a.w even walked hurriedly to his home after done his 8 rakaat tarawikh prayers, and 1 sahabat of him (if i was not wrong it was Abu Bakar R.A) aware of it then asked, Why rasulullah,you walked in hurriedly?
Rasulullah answered,i walked off hurriedly after i done the tarawikh prayers due to i am afraid my ummat(followers\devotees) will mistakenly think the tarawikh is obligated to them. (Hadith Bukhari and Al-Muslim)
Nah,you see...what our Prophets feared,one by one is happening in front of our own eyes!

I felt sad even more when lots of my friends out there,did their break of fast at hotel or major restaurants but did not thanks to Allah with all luxury foods they ate by spend few minutes to do Maghrib prayers. Ask yourself again?
Where is your level of fast\puasa?

This friday, exactly on thursday's dusk,17th of Ramadhan Muslims will embraced the Nuzul Al-Quran means the day when the first surah of Quran came down from Allah through Jibrail(Gabriel) to our Prophet,Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. but even not on this day, did we recite any of surah in Quran,not to mention at least try to understand its meaning?
Or does it quran on the shelves filled with spider web gave as by your each partner is just part of symbolic,or yassin book could only be touched when your body laying down on the goodnite mattress covered with kain batik?


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good info bro.

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thanks bro,just conveying message on what i have and know...hope our brothers and sisters will realized and try to improvise their level of puasa and other ibadah as well.This reminder not just for them but to me as well....