Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My very 1st anniversary

How fast time has flown...........

The story folded on 07.08.09 and now on 07.08.10 it has been 1 year my wife and i have been living together,living from thick and thin,hardships or fortune,we have been able riding through all these together,as a unit importantly.

My pray that the number will increase year by year and would not stop by only at once. Any good thing shall be blessed by Allah,insya-allah....i trust Him and as His creature, we could only plan to get our happiness and pray to Him.

To my wife,i love you,that could not be changed eternally regardless how few i would say that to you or maybe i would not bestowed it with luxurious items that as many as you would like to have, but in my mind and heart,it always gonna have you.

I hope you had a good time with surprises that i gave to you, anniversary choc mud cake and bouquet of roses.

Happy anniversary,sayang.....

Presenting choc mud cake for our 1st anniversary celebration

Hehe,nicest pose in centurion. Could not resists to lick on it.

Love forever

Love forever

Ready to cut the cake...hana,tul,seyt!!!

Our 1st anniversary cake from secret recipe,i am sorry it was not sponsored by it was bought off-course. Secret recipe


Ninja Biker said...

sweet! congrats to both of you followed yours, follow mine too ok :)

Am_7riel said...

hey,thank for ur warm wishes...appreciate it though muchly!