Friday, September 24, 2010

am_7riel on ETP-Economic Transformation Programme,why ICT is not included?

I wonder why ICT and Biotechnology have been left out by government when these two were initiated by the earlier Prime Ministers,Tun Mahathir and Tun Abdullah as potential sectors that could generate income to our country.To date, we have produced thousands of ICT experts either working domestically or somewhere else since the day Cyberjaya and Penang were established mainly for technology and ICT driven sector .

Does it main reason was due to there were fewer local company established from these two and could not compete with ICT or Biotech players around the world so it does not being included?

One main purpose of ETP is to increase our Gross National Income(GNI) per capita twice from current GNI(currently our GNI is RM23000) by selecting areas that we have strength, but does it means that Government dont trust ICT as one pillar that could led to greater GNI?

Nowadays fresh graduates could earn themselves quite amount of pay generally RM2500-RM2800 and along with your experiences ahead in special skills like CISCO,or computer forensics,or even experts either in UNIX or Wintel based that you will gained, it could earn you double digit. So does not it justify the ETP purpose in the first place?

P/s: I really want to know,how true our GNI per capita is RM23000 and how it is being counted? The number simply can made off especially i did not see it was reflected to every Malaysian brought into their home. I meant, Malaysian consists not just middle class people generally but more low middle class and low class earner people. Not too mention people who are still in their poverty madness.

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