Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Five pillars of Islam or Rukun Islam

These are the five duties of incumbent for every muslim. When it is said pillars,it is a must for all muslim(truly muslim not just simply proclaim that you are muslim but hardly follow this accordance given to us by Allah)

There are:

1]Profession of faith by profess that ashadu allā ilaha illalLah wa ashadu anna MuḼammadarasulullah"(I profess that) there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of God.

2]Performing solat five times in a day daily which consist of Subuh(dawn prayer),Zuhur(noon prayer),Asar(in the afternoon prayer),Maghrib(sunset prayer) and Isyak(evening prayer).But according to sunnah,there is an obligatory for all muslim guy to perform it in mosque or be it at surau congregationally.

3]Zakat,or alms,which is not just limited to zakat fitrah(alms as a replacement form of ourself) but there are other zakat for business,gold and wealth. Zakat is not only existed in the form of Zakat fitrah like most of us known.

4]Fasting in ramadhan month, whereby all Muslims fast from dawn until sunset(maghrib) abstaining from food, drink, and sexual relations with their spouses. Not only that,they are abstain from other sinful or near to even intention to do the sins or doing 'lagha' or do or talk wasting things could only lead a wasted fasting,only led your fasting to be only starved from thirst and hunger.

5]Performing pilgrimage\haj in Mecca to anyone who affords to do so be it financially or physically-able.

I will discuss the first two in the other part of this Topic part two that most of us tends to forgot what is the purpose of they came to this world.


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