Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Between Praying five times a day at the mosque or praying Tarawikh during Ramadan nights

Ramadhan,one of holy months in muslim calendar has just leaving us and now we are in the middle of Syawal.

Mosques or surau could be seen back to its normal from its beehive activities, packed with Muslims during night,or even at every praying time.

For muslim guy,they are not encouraged but are obligated to perform their daily 5 times praying congregationally at a place where azan( praying call) is being done.

For muslimah,they are encouraged to perform prayers at home,but in the beginning or praying time. This have been said in many hadith which one of it was quite popular though that is,prophet Muhammad S.A.W had collected some woods so he can burn any house that has muslim inside while daily congregational prayers is performed at mosque. It was a stern warning to all muslim nowadays that we all have taken this daily congregational prayers lightly.

For some who done prayers alone at home,will defend their action by saying,at least,they did their prayers rather than not at all, but if the Habibullah or the most beloved person by Allah that is prophet Muhammad S.A.W does not like this,what would you like to say?

But do we all know of this?
No,arent we?
Because we are all to obsessed with all things happened in this world,which not long lasting.

Qiyamah or an apocalypse is coming upon us,but many failed to realized it because they were blinfolded by "duniawi" or simply chasing success in the world but forgotten that the eternal life is the one we should not forget too.
It is mind-boggling isnt when thinking back that perform daily praying 5 times in a day was very hard to be done for most of us especially to perform it congregationally at mosque or surau nearby,but during Ramadhan night,almost every night we could seen almost all people in neighbourhood.
Which one is more important?

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