Friday, September 24, 2010

What Kluang really need to spur its growth

Kluang is my lovely small hometown that is now becoming one of rapidly growing development in Johor and one of its uniqueness is its narrow town road apart of its Kluang railway toast bread and its coffee.

I foreseen few arrears that need to be fixed as for Kluang to be more spurred that if it does not, Kluang will be stagnated and when it is happened,i doubt traders influxed will be like as it is now. The good signs as for the moment was the increasing land price in Kluang with 2 shopping mall have just been opened and incoming Malay traders mall setup,Pekan Rabu plus with the mushrooming establishment of few housing areas.

I may not a politician to give opinion like i am knowing everything, but since i love the town that i had grown up at,that is why i think i should say and share it.Perhaps someone who has authoritative power would listened and read it, the benefits all will coming down to Kluang folks.

It was good sign indeed, but before it was too late, first public transportation shall need to be revamped as matters that Kluang relatively small compared to KL,henceforth it is easier to reroute public transportations and renew its image, by revert to new and greener buses(i meant by using less carbonated fuel or perhaps revert to NGV like what KL is having). Maybe some wont be at my side on this point saying it is not time yet for Kluang but thinking back the town is at centre of Johor and gate to Mersing for some tourists, i think it is shame if our buses not in good looks and conditions with thick black smoke came from it. Authoritative should realized that public transportations itself carries the image of Kluang specifically and Johor generally as tourists will frequently used it as to commute to other cities or even domestically in Kluang town only.

Secondly, what Kluang really need as part of transportation is the road itself like even in the beginning of this post,i was teasingly put Kluang uniqueness as it has narrow town road. It is not too late to change the road system in Kluang and some part of the town to have flyover to mitigate the traffic congestion here.
Or perhaps Kluang could have another new straight road in parallel of Jalan Batu Pahat stretch going into Kluang central town as to cater the increasing vehicles and road users. This is the system where big cities have like in Seoul and USA, long and straight road in parallel with major roads that we can say its functionality as a diversion road. But please,dont charge the people by putting toll gates(ahaks!). As years coming along the costs to build nowadays would not be the same anymore if it is being delayed to build this infrastructure explained on why Kluang really needs to fix this arrears as soon as possible unless we would like to see the traffic congestion happened daily during peak hours and especially when all were came back to hometown to celebrate raya for an example .

Last but not least,what it would be needed most is to have one higher learning centre to set up at Kluang town be it polytechnic,or matriculation like how we have seen small Batu Pahat city, Parit Raja has become by having University Tun Hussein Onn(UTHM and formerly known as KUITTHO) and recent announcement by YB Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin that UIA could set up its two faculties centre at Pagoh could drive the Pagoh city to the extent of Parit Raja are now enjoying at. Kluang do not need two prisons, like at Simpang Renggam and now the state-of-the art prison at Kahang-Mersing road to spur its growth. No cities could grow by having prison as its main contributors or maybe part of its money coffins since it is not good for feng shui for Chinese traders believed,after while it does offer the security to the communities living in fear in case inmates escape from cell and it does and would not ever giving any multiply effects to price of land in Kluang.

Yes,at the moment Kluang is rapidly growing but who knows what is happened next?

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