Thursday, October 28, 2010

An Answer to Where can I get a Malaysia Jersey

It was such an honored to have people far away than us that respect our jersey more than the people here does like Paul Hannam of UK wrote in theStar Views dated back 7th October 2010.

Surprisingly,it is not difficult to tell why especially when Malaysia football national team long had not lifted any trophies or was not a title contenders of any Southeast Asia or Asia top flight competitions like in those golden years made Malaysians stayed away wearing it.However,it is more mind-boggling why there is still so much fanatisme amongst people in other countries wearing nationals jersey proudly even when they are in the lowest down pits of achievement either.

The evidence was quite clear when small groups of teenagers wearing the black and yellow stripes jersey or blue color jersey were outclassed with all reds when Manchester United came down here at Bukit Jalil recently,but i did not see it could happen at other countries.

The same happened during the match to commemorate 50 years relationships with South Korea held at Bukit Jalil,when small Malaysian group were outclassed with huge South Koreans expatriates and some Malaysian who does confused with their nationalities,proudly donning the opponents jersey,waving other flags even booing your own team?

This translated why shops here only sell English Premier League club shirts but none of our National's shirts due to they the shop owners only concern on their profits rather than selling thing that would not sell like hotcakes. Does it too much to ask for some local stores like Al-Ikhsan or maybe the Nike stores itself to sell and make exist of our National Jersey?

It is an embarrassment indeed our people does not treasured their own shirts like you,Paul but answering your question perhaps you would find one if you went to Uptown Danau Kota.

To local authorities, do not blame us chasing replica when there is no other option to buy original shirts,and if there is,why cannot FAM negotiate with NIKE for an excorbitant price of our shirts? The point simple though, make it affordable and it is there for people like us to buy and who love to wear it proudly if you would not want this happens.

To me i do not have to wait until my national football team lift a trophy only will i wear the jersey and claiming myself to other people that is my team are playing or live on tv. It is obvious that as Malaysian you should support Malaysian Football National team through thick and thin. Who else would do that if it is not us? Be proud!

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