Thursday, October 28, 2010

Malaysia Tourism : Major Improvement needed

Tourism is one of sub of services sector that could profits Malaysia in many ways but unfortunately we are not in world standards apart of our humilities.

To think tourism's greater extent that would bring to us, Government or local councils should take initiative to uplift our image in competing our nations luring tourist to Malaysia. Just putting Malaysia,Truly Asia does not help much when popular countries amongst tourists like Singapore,Thailand,South Korea,Japan or Indonesia did the same and they too have cultures uniqueness related with their nations.

When you came down from plane,imagine yourself as tourist that first time came to Malaysia then being hoarded by taxi\bus touts in KLIA. It may a norm to all of us,but as for tourist? Fatigue from long haul journey,you would not expect strangers to come to you and forcing you to take their services,dont you?

When you arrived at your preferred hotel,and when your tummy have already give you a sign that this is time to eat,you walked out from hotel to find food by relying on maps.(oh put aside technology like relying on Papago,or TomTom installed in your iPhone). I did not use technology here since only few of us embraced technology to our daily life and some tourists still using old ways to navigate them.

But as tourist,what is your mind when choosing your foods? Does it foods that you are familiar with, or local delicacies that you would like try? But how to get these info,does it enough by taking millions brochures or flyers to decide with? If it is with me,i prefer one integrated handbook that would have major or affordable place to eat be it local or whatever your taste buds wanted to have rather than using many messy flyers.

When your belly is full,then it is time to explore the city. Hence you prefer to go by walk again by using maps since you are first timer in KL. The map itself is not come handy especially when you are lost.The worst thing is our city lack of pedestrian signboards that may useful for first timer tourist like you which major cities should have. So where should you go from here?

Then you take a cab,so you just take a cab from outside and not from radio cab since it is cheaper. Waiting is not long,but to get a cab that would take you to place that you would go would be much of hasslement, it is either you would have to wait another taxi or end up paying a way to high to cabbies despite it is only 2-3 blocks(if only you knew since you are 1st timer tourist in KL).

Or by relying on maps, does it tell what is the uniqueness of the place you intend to visit? Maps only tells you some major spots but how about some places but that is quite unique in term of historical architectures,or place that was not exist anymore but bear the historic values? You would not want to miss any place of this,especially had only realized that you went to the place only knew the values of it when you arrived at your hotel. You would not want that happens, wouldn't you?

If you are frequent travelers it is not surprise if you noted that major cities would have pedestrian signboards telling where is major landmarks or directions you should take. When you arrived at some place,you would know that this place actually is related to history or special due to its uniqueness, and there are also some spot telling you when you steps on this exact spot,you could snap photos with a scenic view as for background.

Do we have all these?

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