Monday, October 18, 2010

Rooting for a Developed nation status,does it achievable?

Visions 2020 is 10 years ahead of us but perhaps it was more a rethoric if we could not be able to turn our country to become Developed Nation status as was mooted 20 years back by our the then Prime Minister,Tun Mahathir Mohammad.

We were catching up with developed nations back then with quite astounding GDP however since fell down in economy crisis in 1997,Malaysia seem hindered by became a cheap-middle class labour country.

Back then,Brazil,Venezuela,Vietnam and even Cambodia were looking at us as developing nation exemplary but now,we are at the same level with Vietnam and Cambodia(no offence to them as the purpose was just for comparisons) as an attractive nations for cheap labour resource. We did not try to move further from what we have,was a guilt.

However,we could not looking back now reminiscing who to blame and what we did wrong, but focusing more on the improvement to put us back in the right track.

Years i observed that our Government are concerned very much on investment came from outsiders and obsessed with too much taxpayers wasted " Megalomaniac" project as we called it as Mega Projects.

I wonder how we could transformed now if these Mega Project had been planned properly,with open awarding tender rather than the balloned costs that could be channelled for decent road lines to rural connecting suburbs, reliable and efficient public transportations could save hard earned money for low and middle income to commute to works with smiling face to employers when the employees could give better productivity rather than stucked in massive traffic jam.

See how much these money could help "rakyat" especially low and middle-income people survive and improvised themselves which it could help too with our domestic economic powers by elevating people have money spendings.
We need Mega Projects as an economic multipliers but with our implementations was too way of world class implementation starting with awarding tender and the purpose itself,i rather not to agree much.

The answer to become Developed Nation is not just self-reliance to Foreign Direct Investments(FDI) solely nor with the mega thingy due to stiff competitiveness with FDI programme held in other countries and Government practise on awarding the mega project to whom they want but focusing more on the domestic trade development to steer our economic level upwards.

Domestic trading in-line with local money spendings should and could spur our economy level growth like how South Korea and China did by skidding Japan aside as we know years they were one of world economic powers. When our domestic trade rosing,it translates greater chance for them the local traders to build their brand before stamping up in globally.

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