Monday, November 29, 2010

100 storeys tower-which is our priority?

Am_7riel never had in mind to object developments that could reap benefits to nations and her citizens but when it comes to limited funds,Am_7riel urges government to not resume its intention to remain competitive from investors perspective.

There is a wise man says,to catch a thief you need to think one too. It is same should applies to be forefront amongst other countries in the eye of investors. Does by building is enough to serve the purpose I earlier mentioned?No,it isn't no matter how many ministers over hyped the importance of this "PNB" initiative project.I could lists as many as following here reasons for us not to allow this project to be executed at least for this moments compared than ignorance ministers who dumbfounded defended this so called syok-sendiri project by repetitively saying it has multiplier effects to property values, or to serve lack of office spaces or even an extent the fund will come from PNB and not from government coffins. If there is,why announced it as government project under 11th budgets recently? It is hard to understand,isn't it?

Firstly let me ask you,with RM5Bil how much it could help your country propel to a develop nation? Following are what we,Malaysians could get.

Hundred thousands of affordable house
Nowadays it really burdensome for young Malaysians like fresh graduates living in Klang Valley to buy their first housing property.Even with non-landed property the prices are extremely unimaginable,let alone the landed property which could only living in dreamland. Unless you have half of millions, this could not a problem at all. However, for most of them who had just finished obtained their degree and bounded to pay piling loan studies, buying housing property is seems impossible.

Better public transportation
Public transportations are supposed to be heart of ways people commuting from housing area to workplace but failure to cater the purpose efficiently,saw its never ending stories on traffic congestions in any part of roads in Klang Valley.

If you are investors looking for area to set up an office, do you want to invest in country that would not yield high productivity instead are having time more on the roads? You would not your employees come late and go out from office early just because of massive traffic congestions everyday, wouldn't you?

Klang Valley folks are dying for better,reliable and efficient public transportations but what we are having now are less than satisfactory level of service. Ask anyone who are using KTM Komuter,or LRT Kelana Jaya or Ampang Line or even with Monorail,cross-fingers that the service is in mess let alone it does not integrates well with buses system.

KTM Komuter for an example, always not arriving punctually and with carriages being carried with diesel head carriages it does not ease the situations.
The same with LRT systems will always disrupted whenever we have downpour or lightning strikes. I wonder why the LRT systems does not have secondary or redundant power backup in case worst case scenarios happened. What do you feel if you stranded in LRT carriages during power disruptions with air-condition is malfunctioning and trapped with lot of people inside? What do you feel when the LRT arrives at your station but you could only see it past through but you have had waited it long enough?

While for monorail,why it does not serves better due to the line only goes through the heart of KL cities.

What it is lacking? It is unreliable due to it could not commute people from housing area to workplace and immunes from any sort of disruptions, the same with LRT and Komuter.
What does defines efficient?
To me,the term translates that it should arrives punctually and would not change at one's pleasure, easier for people to use the system. It is not easier for people if from their home they are using personal vehicles yet there is no parking lot provided. Count how many LRT or Komuter or Monorail have provided parking lot at each its stations?

Public transportations story stops here that i will cover in details another day,since now i want to focus on the 100 storeys tower and where the rm5bil could goes to propel us to become develop nation by not neglecting people interests or multiplier effects that our nation could gain.

I will elaborate more in Part-2 for these following reasons why i would not along with 100 storeys tower
Help more people that are in poverty-line
Potential students but could not able to further studies or buying books
Improve on drainage systems along low terrains road in Klang Valley

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