Tuesday, December 07, 2010

100 storeys tower-which is our priority? Part 2

In Part1, Am_7riel had elaborated long enough emphasized on there was no necessity for us to accept this 100 storeys tower project.

Previously,Am_7riel had stopped till the part where these money should plough in instead as such as following:

Help more people that are in poverty-line
Potential students but could not able to further studies or buying books
Improve on drainage systems along low terrains road in Klang Valley

Help more people that are in poverty-line
Can you imagine how will these people who are in poverty line could survived with rising costs of raw materials as such fuel,sugar,LPG gas, and chain reactions of non-ended story of "rationalising prices" living in suburbs like KL nonetheless with other part of states as well?
Some of them are neglected by ministries that should offer them help as such monthly money contributions that makes sense for them to survive.

Am_7riel quite surprised there are deserved muslims according to asnaf who eligible as the receiver of zakat were neglected by ridiculous money under helm of Pejabat Zakat.

I wonder why these money including the zakat could not help these people to change their life at least living at eased. These money alone could easily eradicate all in poverty line and improved their mobility social. Yet, it still haunting us.

Potential students but could not able to further studies or buying books
Trust me,free education is merely rhetorics! There is no free education at all like told by Education minister because you still need to pay rm200 plus every time your children come back to the school from year end school breaks. If your family are well-being family,rm200 is just a chunk piece of money but as stated in earlier for those who are difficult to make end meet and having more than one child, can you imagine how did they feel? Even for some of us who earned rm5k or rm6k monthly would scratch their head when you have 3 children who still schooling.
The issue is not just about money,but we have to look on broader sights. What happen if for some unlucky children who could not pay this amount and decided to stop schooling helping their parent sacrificing their future for their other young siblings,yet they have potential in studies. These happened but had not been highlighted widely due to it could marred the status or power of ruling coalition of country.

Malaysia are pursuing for develop nation status but yet our schools in rural areas are still in dilapidated state and do not have encouraging environment to study.

A lot schools especially in rural areas need an upgrade not just physical condition of improvements but as such as facilities like increasing volume and quality of books in libraries, sports gadgets and musical instruments because studying is not just about study. To become a develop nation,student must be cultivated in all-rounded aspect for them to receive a holistic education approach by not having a system whereby we only want them to excel in studies which including steering education in rural areas.

We need to provide a platform for these students who are living in these areas because potentials not always born in suburbs area only, isn't it?

Improve on drainage systems along low terrains road in Klang Valley
Ask yourself how many time you stranded on the road waiting every time KL are having downpour?
Is it this is more important or the 100 storeys tower?

All points above are reasons why the project is not viable to proceed until these are all being fixed!

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