Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2011 prospects

Like everyone else especially when we are all on verge to embrace coming new year
I have put a sight to patch of my current life
Life is decent but really not too great
Great is something subjective but usually been measured by materials judgement
Only one thing i had put a sight now is in venturing business that is still out of my reach
The ambition that was not yet fulfilled since university days out of 3 things that i would like to achieve,which 2 successfully achieved
I had achieved my dream work-life despite we could not call it as dream due to you the hectic of schedule makes it difficult for you to dream off
Now,promotion is on the line,with just after 6 months in the new workplace
Despite all the hardships at first but when you give all out
There will be people who notices your hardworks
As for me,people giving in,i will take it
I just want to grab all new things in this rapidly technology
Yes the only thing i have in my mind but still failing in executing it
Insya-Allah,2011 maybe

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