Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I just love to read

I just love to read
I dont really know why
My craveness about the books and reading,could not bare to resist
I can barely sit for hours in bookstores
while waiting for my wife and mum do their shopping

Was it due to bloodlines inherited from my ancestors
The genome,yes it is the genome
The enthusiasm that you get once you touches the book is priceless,hardly to tell the feelings
Only person with the same passions could tell it

Mum once asked me when he saw me reading book "are you sitting for an exam or something?"
Smirked at her,"No...simply"
It was not peculiar to see me with books,or notebook (i was not meant a laptop off-course)
but mom knows little that this son
who had used his savings to buy dictionary
who visits bookstores every times he went to the shopping mall
who used to read before he went off sleep

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