Sunday, January 23, 2011

I just love to read Pt2

Never had in my imagination
never and never i would that
i would be able to finish reading 3 novels within a week
just after Zahra Adriana came into the world
on 8 January 2011 or in Hijr calendar on 4 Safar 1432
in the 1st part i had revealed that
i love to read,crave to hold and read the book
but this ought to be madness
mad into book
yes,i am....
Thanks my baby,Zahra Adriana
you have triggered my affections into book while babysit on you
to both dearest person in my life,Murni and Zahra
books and both of you are 2 different things in my heart
so please concern too much
my affectionate onto books


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Anonymous said...

Love u abg.. :)

Anonymous said...

love u too...dear