Friday, January 28, 2011

The Riel Makan-Makan : Sup Parit Botak

One of the best, famously known Sup Parit Botak

Commonly known to frequent travelers that are going to Pontian or Batu Pahat through Parit Botak route with Parit Botak Soup. The frenzy started way back in 15 years during my yesteryears in primary school.

I can vividly remember,we as one family will stop by at Parit Botak just to fill our tastebuds with Parit Botak soup whenever go forth Batu Pahat-Kluang. Many times it had been we would simply come to Parit Botak just to have meal there by having some bowls of soup. People were queueing to take turn taking orders and to have seat, cars were parked at the road side like as much Parit Botak is welcoming celebrity or held Jom Heboh,though it was not. Not only people parked at the roadside of Parit Botak road but even at roadside of federal road telling you how much people acceptance of famously Parit Botak soup.

Last time,the tavern is located barely at riverside of Parit Botak and next to hat maker shop. Few passers-by who does not know will eventually surprise the hype and bustle was due to famously Parit Botak sup which only a decent size of tavern or stall we say it here with wooden structure that almost going to collapse.Now,the legacy of famously known Sup Parit Botak or Parit Botak Soup is down to the heir,to his son. Even the almost collapsed tavern and hat maker shoe diminished to give way proper structure in dealing with daily businesses.

The location has changed not at the riverside anymore,though it is still,but further a bit from riverside which at proper tavern provided by government as R&R, just at the roadside of federal roads Batu Pahat-Kluang. Now, lot things has changed though people still thronged to the tavern but not as hustle bustle or queueing like the time it was his father's time. Is it due to feng shui,i don't really know the real reason, to some people they believe the current tavern owner does not using mantra anymore to attract people like his father, to some people believes that the taste is not same like the old taste, but for me the taste still
is the best,if not the best in town, it is one of the kind. Superb Parit Botak soup!

Looking at those photos above really make me craving here while posting about this with quite chilly and breezy at my home. Oh,tasty and now i felt like i am craving for the soup. It looks like mamak style of soup,full of herbs and thick,but i dare say it is not same at all. Appeal may the same,taste is far than better compared with mamak style soup.

If you usually using Batu Pahat-Kluang federal road you will aware the signboard of Parit Botak and its R&R, why dont you drop by to taste the Parit Botak soup.
As for me,everytime i am heading to my wife's hometown, i will never say no to at least having a bowl of mutton soup. Why not,with only RM4-5 to fill my tastebud, i could not resist to not say no. If you want to have some pieces of bread, that would not come free but it would not cost you dearly at only RM1. Like me, i would not even wasting any single drop of soup which is why i need bread to weep it all out. Make sense isn't it,if it is tasty?


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