Wednesday, March 30, 2011

General Election is knocking to our door

Last week i was quite in puzzled why major newspapers was inundated with highlights from Sarawak and found out from another news came on following days that anytime the Sarawak parliament will be dissolved. By time you are reading this, the parliament had been dissolved.

Whilst the news still in the air we were all been surprised by confessions from Dato T that de facto leader of PKR, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim was the person in porno video with Chinese GRO (i am not sure but all that i know that she is Chinese).

I am not surprised by the fallacy accusations, with looking on chronologies how Anwar had been dumped first by Tun Dr Mahathir with sex scandal & sodomy, then acquitted by Tun Abdullah (anyone knows and remember why?) and been in hot soup again under the regime of Dato Seri Najib with not one, but 2 sex scandals. First, with Saiful Bukhari for sodomy case which still running in court and now with porno videos. Enough is enough,politicians.

You only made me burst with laughters from coming clean statement by Rahim Thamby Chik and Chua Soi Lek. Rahim, who can forget he had been outcasted by his position last time as Malacca Chief Minister due to relationships with underage girl which under Malaysian law, it is RAPE case. Isnt it?.

While Chua Soi Lek very clearly it was him in the porno footage with his scandals and everyone will still remember him, so why Chua Soi Lek do you need to interframe by giving advise to come clean?

Please stop this nonsense and do your own work in your constituency. As for myself, this 5 years term is the worst ever had ever seen looking at MPs does not bother much with their constituencies except playing dirt accusing each other and make slander accusations. There are MPs who did their work exceptionally like Hannah Yeoh, Subang Jaya MP, or Theresa Kok,Kinrara MP to name a few unlikely others who yelled amongst others monkey and all vulgar words in Parliament. Are they MPs representing rakyat or what?

No,i am not Pro PKR but as i am living in Kinrara constituency for few years since, (coincidentally it is adjacent with Subang) so it is blessed as i can observe the changes these two
women made to improvise the quality living here.

Seriously i am not bother with this dirty plot while hoping youth out there would analyze whether it is for real or just for political plot and spread this informations so people in rural would at least knowing this too. It is hard though to convince rural people who is loyalist with mass media controlled by You-Know-Who government.

Last but not least, why do you need to call Yusri KRU to certain the porno footage that Anwar is not involved? Why dont select someone who does not have political relationships?I think Yusry is UMNO members and same like his brother,Norman.
So, ethically it is wrong to call him up as the reason whatever he said might be influenced by top leader and biased.

It is pretty obvious that General Election is coming to our door, it is just matters of time. What makes me sad most, by using fallacy accusations to win our heart, this is too childish!!!

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