Monday, March 28, 2011

Penang Hill(Bukit Bendera) newly funicular train

In memoriam: The old Penang Hill funicular train

I was in extent wondering why cannot we use the old funicular train that we had by only refurbishing the cable system itself to pull the train up and down the hill instead of splurged all 64mil to buy newly funicular train? If it still can be salvaged, why dont we do that as it is one of oldest funicular train exist in the world and i strongly believed that was one of attractions why people came to Penang Hill.

The funicular train have been installed and applaud as one of the fastest funicular train as it can reach the hill in just 5 minutes but it is ridiculous as tourist especially botany enthusiasts would want to enjoy the slow sightseeing. Did Tourist Ministry had done proper research that somehow this is the only way to solve the issue long affected with funicular train? If Engineering can made man's wonder, surely it can do the same with our old funicular train.

Understand the speed is adjustable, but it is regrettable when we had one historical funicular train that still can served at its purposed like others in Zurich, or in Lynton,England or anywhere in the world still has the classic funicular train (just wiki the list funicular train and you would see few places that still has the old and classic functioning funicular train) and they proud of it, but we can only seen it from far when we sit in the newly funicular train.

If i was to proud with 64mil newly funicular system or can reach hill in 5 minutes will make in awe, or be it in full air-conditioning, it would not happen. It would not be the same with classic touch of old funicular train while enjoying the sightseeing of Penang Hill. It is priceless but long gone the history which now we could only enjoy the classic feelings it in oversea it seems.

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