Sunday, March 20, 2011

sisters in ISLAM?


First of all, this is not my duty to validate how much ISLAM are we, or whether we have deviated from truly Islam's teachings and values, it is just to make us aware how different ISLAM practices by us daily with the lives during our so loudly we called us loving him most,the most beloved person in our lives (rhetorically, hypocritically) prophet Muhammmad S.A.W.
To be honest admitting it, yes are not following the real livelihood like what preached and practiced by our beloved Prophet,Muhammad S.A.W and his companions.

Please ask how different SOLAT is being done during the age of our prophets and carried on with
his companions with the way we performed our prayers daily. How different it was,isnt it?
Here, we are not even comparing with optional solat that we have already neglecting it in our daily lives. By only taking one comparison, it has already made us speechless and thinking back, admitting timidly that we are deviated from truly ISLAM practices.Arent we?

It is the duty for others who aware to advise and guiding the others to the real Islam value. This is what has been preached in ISLAM, brotherhoods. But seems, we always look down and up to person who giving advice to us and not looking on the values that he tries to say to you.

It is just the same with doing some ISLAM values but leaving the rest that is not suited with you. This is not the correct way!

Here,i have attached snapshots that was in the theStar paper few days back. The headlines was not catching to my eyes when reading but it was when looking at the picture. A muslimah with complete scarf clad like how it was supposed to be worn was seen shaking hands with male really catch my attention.

1st, she does not wear any protective hand gear so that it would not be direct touch with the lady with male and secondly that most of us do not know, in ISLAM if it would allow slanderous when we performing some actions it would be best we could not proceed with our actions.

I had this situation many times due to environment working in multinationals company.So,what is the best to correct it if the situation comes to you?
The muslimah should reject the shake hands offer by apologizing to him, I am sorry as in Islam, we could not shake hands between male and female unless you are my family members or my husband.
In that way, people of other religious will understand that it is our obligation to perform our Islam values while at the same does not make any lesser of our works that we are doing.

We have to be consistent and same tune for all of us as Muslims or else one day, they will come up to you asking thousand questions like Why cannot you shake hands with me (if she is lady and you are guy) while others can shake hands with me?
Or, why do you need to perform prayers timely while for some only will perform happily at any time they would want to, and for some do not even bothered to do it at all.
This is why this article came up to prevent this kind of confusion, it is not our duty to judge how Islam we are,but to correct the Islam value amongst us is the purpose.

Welcome: Ti (left) shaking hands with Ratna, as Wong (in dark shirt) looks on during their visit to the SIS Forum (Malaysia) office yesterday.

The photo above did not Photoshop before i uploaded it here but in case you have any doubt, just click link below. Thanks!

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