Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Riel comment regards on "Iskandar Malaysia considering 500km MRT"

Iskandar Malaysia considering 500km MRT ?

First,we need to take a simple picture, how feasible this project shall need to be implemented with how effective it will be and how much money we have in coffers. To initiate all mega projects at one time yet complaining on burden to subsidizing to RAKYAT like recent mooted project the GREATER Kuantan,mega bucks money to woo Sarawakians to vote for BN and to develop MRT system covering for 500km, these totally unacceptable. This is not even including the extravagant expenses of each offices in our Government but no action taken every year,despite it is revealed in our mass papers. A disgust to our taxpayers money by lavishing money freely!

All i can see our administration keep comparing to Singapore's MRT and providing the riderships number but how far it is effective to combat the long undissolved traffic congestions on the road with the money in coffins that we have? I am quite sure we all still doubt on our capabilities to develop MRT systems in Klang Valley covering 51km that will cost our Government a balloned cost approximately RM50bil. Can you imagine how much then to build the 500km even if it is in phases?

We need to know how long the study had been conducted before Singapore start to deploy their MRT systems,in holistic approach. They know where to allocate stations and other essentials aspect to make people use the system and make the system perfect by integrating whole mode transportations together and effectively. How long they did their research? Did they do it in just 3 months or few months after their minister mooted,"Oh,i want to build MRT so that it can be our catalyst to our growth (well,actually as i can see it is more benefits to crony who will be given the project ). Singapore took more than 5 years, and i heard it had taken 10 years before they make it happens.

In Iskandar case, the city yet to be developed as well as the adjacent area still virgin from development. However, learn from the past, the transportation supposed to be one element you should put into your city planning draft,unlike stupid Iskandar administration policy,build the city first,think how to connect the city later. Stupid isnt it?


How it is being implemented?

Practically, we need BUS system that only costs us relatively very cheap but still functioning like MRT systems. What do i mean by BUS system but functioning like MRT? Taking example of Curitiba BUS systems in Brazil, they implemented it as centralized bus system whereby it has their own secluded roads and will stop at allocate stations same like MRT.

Just like MRT that will elevated railways and its pillar on the centre of the road, it will be utilized as dedicated lane for Buses. The buses will cater passengers from Iskandar and surrounding municipalities while
designed to allow passenger without having to pay more than one passage like the bus system that we have currently.

Look at the Curitiba map and its BUSES routes. How well planned it is,isnt it?

Good and effective BUS systems does not go well if you dont have customised buses and its stations like what Curitiba built. Their buses have 3 wider doors, and each of different purposes are characterized by its color. Their system is made up of three complementary levels of service that include the feeder lines, express lines and inter-district routes.

The feeder lines pass through outlying neighborhoods and make the system easily accessible to lower density areas. Sharing the roads with other vehicles, these feeder lines connect with the express system along the structural corridors.

The express system then utilizes these dedicated bus lanes and transports large numbers of passengers to various locations along these structural corridors, thus operating much like a surface subway system.

The inter-district routes allow passengers to connect to the axis of the express lines without entering the central city area.

Bus and Station Design

The TUBE station

To increase convenience, boarding efficiency and reduce fare evaders the tubes elevate passengers to the bus platform level where automatic doors operated by the tube conductor open parallel to the bus doors. Passengers pay an entrance fare at the turnstile and wait for their respective direct or express bus to pass. Disembarking passengers leave the stations through a direct exit.

To further assist passengers, each tube station is equipped with station and route maps and with small lifts situated beside the entrance of the tube to help disabled passengers, strollers, and passengers carrying heavy bags enter the tubes with agility


Everyone can plan, but the plan must be justified what is the best for your town,people and budget that do you have. It is unfair to build expensive mode which it will turn the cost to passengers.
Tell me how many buses you can buy with the same amount of money you would buy for the MRT train?
How much the cost to lay dedicated BUS lanes compared building elevated railway including cost to acquire the land?
Learn from mistake why Prasarana bankrupt and why LRT is considered failed to alleviate traffic congestion. Foremost, build it with capability that you have in monetary terms as it is useless if the cost will turn back to passengers!

Find interesting information of Curitiba city planners able to solve the traffic congestions by looking for its BUS system. Yes, by BUSES and not with megabuck costs MRT! Please read it here

While you may also read from our moron City planner that would only look for MRT as idyllic solutions to solve the long traffic issue that we have either in KLANG VALLEY or in ISKANDAR. Please read it Here


.ace said...

" the city first,think how to connect the city later.." applies to all "developments" in Malaysia. this does not just mean MRT/Busses, the issue are roads itself.
"Planners" in local municipals seems to just sign anything on the plan submitted by Developers as long there's something for them in return.

The only actual thing these people are developing are huge pockets.

BTW, in the same area of interest, do u live in Cyber?

Am_7riel said...

true indeed,that have plagued to all city planners in Malaysia.Dont know where these guys studied or did they just went to oversea but gained nothing,only to waste JPA or scholarships that came from our taxpayers' money! yeah,work and live in Cyber...

.ace said...

Hehehe... ditto.

So, since you're in Cyber & near Putrajaya, what do you think of the infra for public transportation and pedestrian/bicycle there?

Note that (Putrajaya at least) they planned the whole place to be a "car free city", which encourages people to use public transport and walk/bicycle.

Am_7riel said...

To be honest,i used only once for bus service within Cyberjaya,and it had take me around 20-30 minutes of waiting period. Considering it is within Cyberjaya journey,i would say something is missing. Maybe the frequency of buses need to be increased per routes. While for Putrajaya, i wonder how it can be redeemed as pedestrian/bicycle friendly when there is no shelter for pedestrian while for bikers they dont have proper place to park their bicycle. Secondly, the road for bikers also must well maintained but i did not see it happened there. What i can say, Putrajaya is becoming more like KL if the municipal does not encourage people to the office. This maybe sounds very much impossible,but let say they provided automatic rental bicycles port just next to bus stop or park n ride, do you think this service would not get good response?

Am_7riel said...

What i can say, Putrajaya is becoming more like KL if the municipal does not encourage people to use public transportation or cycling to the office